Errol Spence Talks Possible Mega-Fight With Canelo

Errol Spence will return to the ring on December 5, when he will face former champ Danny Garcia in his first fight in well over a year, and in his first fight since that nasty October 2019 car smash. Fight fans are waiting to see how the welterweight champ looks in the fight, whether he has lost anything as a fighter due to the injuries he suffered in the crash.

But Spence, 26-0(21) is looking ahead to possible future fights. Speaking with UK tabloid ‘The Sun,‘ Spence said that as it takes him “quite a few pounds to get down to 147,” he “wouldn’t have any problems fighting at 160.” Spence says he feels a mega-fight with Canelo Alvarez can happen in the future.

“With Canelo, yeah, I’d definitely entertain that. That can happen, that’s a huge fight,” Spence said in an interview that was posted today. “That would be a huge fight for the Cowboys Stadium when we’re back to 100 percent capacity (in terms of fans allowed to attend a fight). That’s another mega-fight which I could have. I could have a lot of mega-fights. It takes quite a few pounds to get down to 147. I wouldn’t have any problems fighting at 160.”

Obviously, a whole lot has to happen before any talk of a Canelo-Spence fight can begin in earnest. Firstly, Spence has to come through that return fight with Garcia, who is of course a very, very live underdog. Then Canelo has to get his legal issues with DAZN and Golden Boy all sorted out. And in an ideal world, we would love to see Spence (if he’s all fine and dandy in the Garcia fight) face Terence Crawford in a welterweight unification showdown before moving up in weight.

Spence Vs. Crawford is of course a mega-fight all by itself, yet it has proven oh, so hard to make. Would a Canelo-Spence fight be any easier to make? It’s great that Spence is thinking as big as ever, if not bigger, and it’s great that this superb fighter is as hungry for greatness as he was before that awful car accident. Spence is a big welterweight (he is actually one inch taller than Canelo) so maybe he could be effective as a middleweight.

But this seems to be some ways way yet. Danny Garcia, 36-2(21) is ready and waiting. That December 5 fight really does promise to be a fascinating battle.