Eddie Hearn: Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder isn’t selling

Matchroom promoters Barry Hearn and his son Eddie doubt whether the Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder 3 fight will take place as scheduled on October 9th.

Eddie says Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) and Wilder are struggling to sell their trilogy fight because the boxing public isn’t interested in it.

Hearn thinks it’s a coin-toss whether the match will take place on October 9th, considering the money the fight needs to bring in to cover the huge purses for Wilder and Fury might not be there.

It’s unclear what excuse will be given if the Fury-Wilder III fight is postponed again. For their previously scheduled July 24th fight, Fury supposedly came down with COVID-19. Whether that was true or not is unknown.

If it was a case of the PPV buys and ticket sales being dreadfully poor, it makes sense for it to have been moved to October 9th. But if the fight still isn’t selling for that date, what will be the excuse for moving it?

Hearn said this week that if the Fury vs. Wilder 3 fight is postponed again, he wants the World Boxing Council to strop Tyson of his WBC heavyweight title and make him Champion in Recess. It would be WBC mandatory Dillian Whyte who would benefit, and Hearn just happens to promote him.

Fury – Wilder are struggling to sell

“They’re struggling to sell that fight. No one is really interested in that fight,”  said Eddie Hearn to Boxing Social on the Fury vs.  Wilder 3 fight.

Deontay Wilder, Eddie Hearn, Tyson Fury boxing image / photo

“It’s like four weeks away, something like that. No one is even talking about it. I hope he beats Deontay Wilder. You cannot speak with any confidence that a fight with Tyson Fury is going to take place.

“We know it’s not selling. You only need to speak to people in the industry. The fact is they’re not going to get the money together that these guys want, and that’s what happened the first time around.

“So basically, do I think it’ll happen?  It’s a coin flip. The first time [for their July 24th fight that was moved to October 9th], I thought there’s no chance of happening, but this time it’s a coin flip. I hope it does happen.

“I hope he [Fury] wins. I hope Joshua beats Usyk, and I hope they meet, of course, in the undisputed,” said Hearn.

One reason why there’s little interest in a fight between Wilder and Fury is what happened the last time they fought. Fury stopped Wilder in the seventh round of a one-sided fight.

Also, Fury isn’t that popular in the U.S, and neither is Anthony Joshua. These are British heavyweights who haven’t been seen enough by the casual boxing fans in the States.

It doesn’t help that Fury and Wilder haven’t fought in 19 months, and many fans have already forgotten about the last time they fought.

Fury could have fought Wilder in 2020, but he was too busy trying to squirm out of the fight to face Joshua.

Barry Hearn: October 9th is VERY quiet

“Tyson is a great entertainer. Whether he’s a great fighter remains to be seen because I haven’t seen him fight in two years,” said Barry Hearn to Boxing Social about the inactive Fury.

“He’s fighting Wilder, which is a dangerous fight. I was very disappointed that he didn’t fight Joshua, and I was very disappointed that he didn’t try to fight Joshua,” said Barry about Fury choosing not to pay Wilder a step aside.

“But that’s for the future. I just want to see everybody win. I want to see Fury vs. Joshua because at the end of the day, irrespective of politics, camps, or whatever, we are fight fans, and we want to see the best fighting the best. So good luck to him.

October 9th, it’s very quiet. I don’t want to be suspicious, but it’s very quiet,” Barry said about the Fury vs. Wilder 3 fight. “I think BT announced their show today.

“I wasn’t aware of where it was, and it’s unthinkable to have a fight in our world a month before without it being announced.

“So at least they’ve announced it. I don’t know what the price is, but I want to put those doubts in the back of my mind.

“I do have them, but I want to see the fight because I want to see Tyson Fury come through and take away the last remaining obstacle.

“As long as AJ and him come through, we may get at last get the fight we want,” said Hearn about the Joshua vs. Fury fight.

It’ll be interesting to see if the organizers for the Fury-Wilder 3 event come up with another reason for the fight needing to be moved. Will it be Wilder this time that gets COVID-19? Anything is possible.

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  1. 80,000,000. Million pounds is the amount of the fiduciary penance attached to the fury estate if he doesn’t fight Deontay Wilder.

  2. We’re tired of watching fury striking Deontay Wilder with a piece of metal in his glove over and over and over and over again. Next time why don’t you allow fury to take a chair and, while on steroids, beat the ever living life out of Deontay Wilder? Leaving Deontay Wilder a broken bone, bloody pulp for our entertainment. This should surly qualify for another fighter of the year award.

  3. Money is made through gambling in law Vegas. They build extravagance like no other. Criminals built las Vegas, si doesn’t it make sense to fix fights?

  4. Deontay Wilder has the most exciting fights obviously. Eddie Hearn knows that any fight Deontay Wilder is in will sell. Especially now, why is Anthony Joshua not pursuing a fight with Deontay Wilder?

  5. Hearn’s said fury cheated Deontay Wilder.
    ” I’d say fury’s a cheater and he cheated.”
    He’s absolutely correct Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived.

  6. Odds are fury will not fight. He will lose the WBC belt and consequently be fined.
    We want to see fury deviate Deontay Wilder without loaded gloves.
    Deontay Wilder is the better boxer, fury’s afraid.

  7. Eddie Hearn has done more to set boxing back than any of the up and coming promoter’s of event spectaculars. He wears clip on ties because he is afraid some little old lady English teacher will bypass security and choke him out again.

  8. This is the biggest fight of Deontay Wilders boxing career to date. It’s the biggest of fury’s career as well. This fight will sell. Eddie Hearn is mad because Deontay Wilder turned down his multiple fights contract for over a hundred million dollars.
    Deontay Wilder didn’t want to work under contract for Hearn’s. He wants more control and say so. Anthony Joshua is more limited and constrained by being under contract for hearn. Anthony Joshua’s contract is up for renewal.

  9. So fury drinking at the pub with friends and he says,” so then I grabs ahold of the guy, and really pepper em in there.” ” Smashed his face in.” ” I’m going to do it again, then in two months, I’m going to smash Anthony Joshua, two months later Dillian Whyte.”
    He has lied so many times he actually believes it.

  10. It doesn’t seem to be bothering Deontay Wilder so I don’t care either. It’s hilarious how all of the media got together and said,” okay, let’s get our story straight.”
    We are all elbowing each other and winking our eyes and pretending fury actually was so clever that he was able to trick all of the boxing experts, and the advanced cameras into believing that he won. You can’t even trick my grandson. Ha ha ha ha ha ha

  11. Phoney baloney champion backs down again October 9 the, Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte make themselves very scarce.
    Deontay Wilder is the people’s champion.

  12. 1. Deontay Wilder
    2. Luis Ortiz
    3. Anthony Joshua
    4. Tyson
    5. Andy Ruiz
    6. Dillian Whyte
    Until fury and Anthony Joshua at least fight Ortiz and Deontay Wilders, ( without cheating tactics, ) they are not championship caliber.
    They are not proven to be the best.

  13. We suspect Anthony Joshua was drugged in the first Andy Ruiz fight. None the less he is not the level fighter that Deontay Wilder is, that’s why he hasn’t fought Deontay Wilder. And fury isn’t either, that’s why he cheats and runs.
    Skinny little Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question.

  14. Steven a Smith did not influences ESPN to terminate Max blind as a bat Kellermen, so please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 stop claiming credit for others work. Please just stop claiming credit, go back and do first take, and everybody has to come to you. That’s how that works bro, please, please.

  15. So we’re supposed to be,
    1. Deontay Wilder is a fighter to be looking passed.
    2. The British boxing board of control is going to allow fury a fight every n the UK.
    3. Four fights back to back while reality denotes no fights for two years.
    Somebody’s not being truthful. As usual.

  16. we can’t wait until October the tenth. After fury runs like a chicken 🐓, or makes the fatal effort to stand up to the legendary great Deontay Wilder. After the funeral proceedings, hopefully we can pray that Deontay Wilder will play piano . Perhaps we can catch up with Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte as they may have exhausted themselves by running from Deontay Wilder for so long and coax the boys into the slaughter as sacraments at the hands of the only Hall of famer in the picture today.
    Run cockroach run. Chickens 🐔 ha ha cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  17. The Shrek look a like ogre was reported to have replied,” I already knew that, you aren’t the smartest person in the world, even though you are the fattest person in the world.”

  18. Ricky batten shutters at the very mention of Deontay Wilder body assaults. Rumor has it that Ricky smarten has said,” don’t fight Deontay Wilder, he will kill you Tyson, you have to cheese it mate, run for your life, don’t dare showing up, catch covit again or something, anything. ” Run cockroach run!!!!

  19. Ever since the boxing establishment robbed Deontay Wilder the first time, me and my wife haven’t paid for any fights. We used to go to las Vegas all the time. I went 7 times. Now I saved so mucho money, I don’t miss it. We catch up on the internet.
    Thank you for your greedy avarice Mr big shot boxing establishment smarty-pants. Plus we.are.sleeping much better and are well rested.

  20. The illuminati are the only ones that could cover up this fixed r that Deontay Wilder was robbed in because they own the media. They’re a bunch of homosexual, adrenachrome addicted psychopath’s.

  21. We all wish, hope, and pray that fury shows up for the October 9 the fight so we may watch him get his face smashed in. He won’t show because he is scared. As well he should. That cheater just can’t fight. He certainly can’t box. He is clumsy, awkward, slow, uncoordinated, and weak. That’s why he is making excuses after another excuse after another excuse forever.

    • Yes, the gig is up. There’s no place for phony’s in the ring with Deontay Wilder from now on. This counterfeit is over and out of there.

  22. Michael Collins has been hanging around with those golfing elitists for too long. If you hang around with them long enough, some of their bad habits are bound to rub off on you.

  23. The American fight fans don’t know this, but the real reason the UK boxing fans don’t like Tyson is because he prefers the company of men, if you know what I mean.

  24. All of the really tough UK boxing fans are tired if fury’s insulting Dunn. Henry Cooper, now that is a real tough man. This young punk is a pole smuggler a lier and an excuse maker.

    • Yes, Henry Cooper now that is a real fighting legend. He would never tamper with his gloves. He didn’t need to. He put Mohamed Ali down onto the canvas fair and square. Unlike this eggweight, glove tampering cocaine steroids faking cheat, fury.

  25. Ohh yeah. Deontay Wilder is going to be able to make the fight on October 9. However fury will have menstrual cramps again and again and again and make excuses again and again and again.

  26. Excuses, excuses, excuses Jesus Christ fury has more excuses than Anthony Joshua has for not fighting Luis Ortiz.

  27. That’s funny, what a coincidence, we call Both Eddie Hearn and fury Pole smugglers in Great Britain. Ha ha ha ha ha he can’t box in the UK because all he does is cheat.

    • Deontay Wilder is going to open that cut over fury’s eye that you’re referring to. That’s why fury isn’t going to be able to crawl in to the ring on October 9. He is so scared.

  28. The fact that the fight isn’t selling isn’t isn’t a surprise to me.. Let’s face let’s face it Tyson fury Was cheated out of a win in the 1st fight.. Then comes out aggressive in the 2nd fight and is light and crush is Wilder..

    If you put it all together why would you want to see a 3rd fight in which the the then champion Dante Wilder was never competitive and of an either fight.. His only chance of winning any of these fights against good boxers is oxers is to knock them out.

    So with that being said why would you want to see a trilogy fight anybody who’s objective enough knows that the is that the case of the of these 2 characters have already been settled.

    • Oh , this fight will sell. Deontay Wilder is the most exciting fighter in history. The people of the UK are fascinated by Deontay Wilder. They know fury cheated on every occasion he could till he can’t even fight in the UK anymore. The British boxing board of control has suspended permanently indefinitely suspended fury’s license for spiking water, and glove tampering, failing the drug test for cocaine, steroids, and enhancement drugs, bribing referee’s, bribery and threatening Martin Carefoot, and lying under oath.

    • Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived. And you sir, are delusional. Everyone knows Tyson cheated.

  29. Boxing as a whole people aren’t interested in. All these bs matchups. Fighters want that Mayweather money but don’t want to earn it the right way because they think holding a title means something. It doesn’t when there’s 10 in each division.

    • Even though I think fury will chicken 🐓🐔 out again ha ha ha ha. Why? Why do I feel fury’s a chicken 🐓🐔? Because of the simple fact that Deontay Wilder has fury running and crying waaaa waaaa mommy mommy I don’t wanna fight Deontay Wilder.

    • And the title means less when the so called phoney baloney belt holders won’t fight Deontay Wilder or Luis Ortiz. Champions fight all contenders. Anthony Joshua and fury are fabricated, by the media skewing the dumb masses public opinion.
      It’s not good sportsmanship to allow a fighter to get away with steroid use, clear glove tampering, cocaine bribery, with out any investigation and accountability.

    • These misguided agendas and narratives repeating things that just aren’t true are anocranistic babbling.”
      1. Deontayy Wilder is a one demential fighter with only a right haymaker.”
      No he isn’t, Deontay Wilder is a Canastonia New York international boxing Hall of famer
      2. ” Nobody wants to see the fight.”
      Yes they do. This is one of the biggest fights in boxing history.
      3. ” Deontay Wilder has been beat twice by fury.”
      No Deontay Wilder has not been beat twice by fury, the first fight was a draw slobbering babbling bafroons.
      Anthony Joshua, Dillian Whyte and fury 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆 duck, Luis king Kong Ortiz and Deontay Wilder forever out of fear, they are chicken 🍗🐔🍗🐔 ha ha ha ha ha.

  30. wilder is a bum he just looks for the one punch and who wants to pay 65 dollars to watch a guy that really can’t box, he is just big and can hit but no skills and looks for that one punch.. wilder aint on fury level when it comes to boxing

    • You’re crackers mate. Deontay Wilder has been the best heavyweight champion ever living or nonliving. And now no one can beat him even cheating.

    • That’s why Anthony Joshua, Dillian Whyte and fury all have menstrual cramps, Deontay Wilder has shut their big fat mouths. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Silenced them all again and again and again and again. Chickens 🐔🐔🍗🐔🐔 ha ha.

  31. I personally haven’t bought a ticket because I feel like TF is going to figure out how to get out of it again. He does not want this third fight. Maybe he did cheat and is worried about now being exposed. Fighting and beating Wilder would put away any doubts

    • What do you mean, (maybe fury cheated,) not up for debate fury has a legacy of cheating tactics and drug test failing, he was caught cheating so much the the British boxing board of control has suspended permanently fury’s boxing license. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  32. Hes already bested Wider Twice no Dis to Wider, but who actually wants to see this again? The Fury Haters I guess.

    • Boo boo? What are you smoking. What have you just have? The first fight was a draw. And fury was on his back, flat on the canvas. He spent more time on his back than on his feet.

  33. I wanna see that russian in amateur who just joined the pro’s fight wilder and i wanna see fury fight nagata in the ufc. While everyone lying about.numbers to make more money in deprevation times. Do what everyone else id doing blame it on covid.

    • Exactly!

      Also the person who wrote this article said Tyson Fury is really not known in the US the dude is a star in the United States.

      He lives in Vegas.

      He’s talented and puts on a great show before the fight; and during.

      I don’t know what world the person who wrote this article is in.

      The fact is Tyson Fury doesn’t want the fight, he would be promoting it like crazy, but he’s not.

    • Can’t fight, fury can’t fight at all. That’s why he spent all of his career cheating. The British boxing board of control has suspended permanently indefinitely his boxing license.

  34. Fury was deceitful… he has lied, squirmed, cheated, failed drug tests and still after all that Wilder had to go to arbitration just to get a contracted title shot! Stop stalling for 2 years and just fight the guy already💯

    • U sure about him cheating and lying? Cause all these athletes have cheated and lied. Theu all use drugs at some point. Yes even ur favorites. Wilder was.making excuses to not just fury. Since you want.facts. and knowing is half the battle. G.I. Joeeeee

  35. There making excuses Fury doesn’t wanna fight! All the delays and excuses are coming from fury’s side. Wilder had to take him to court to even get this rematch. Wilder even turn down the step as side money so shut up and fight!!! Don’t matter who shows up to watch!

    • We can move on after the cheater and drug using Fury gets knocked out by Wilder! Also that liar Fury has never defended a title yet, we’re waiting……..

    • Deontay Wilder is so exciting to watch fight that even his hating enemy’s turn up to the fight so they can watch the action. This is a big fight historically. That’s why fury keeps making excuse after another excuse after excuse after excuse. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  36. Joshua not known???? He sold out MSG his first time here when he was supposed to be fighting Miller who is a nobody. Please

    • Jim, Anthony Joshua is a natural athlete. He is charismatic, talented, and gifted, constantly improving. He started boxing even older than Deontay Wilder.
      His marketability put him in a position to fight for the title vacated by the Klitschko vs Tyson debacle. Deontay Wilder was already the WBC belt holder, he should have been chosen to fight for the vacated belts. Instead, Anthony Joshua was paired with someone who would likely lose to him. And in doing so was essentially selected as a poster boy and ever since he has only fought opponents who were weak somehow.
      He never will take risks. And he damn sure better never fight Luis Ortiz, or Deontay Wilder.

  37. The tickets are too pricey Vegas is sold out that weekend the Chicago bears are coming to town! Drop the price of the tickets and you’ll get a full house.

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