Eddie Hearn reacts to Tommy Fury win over Jake Paul

By Michael Collins - 03/01/2023 - Comments

Eddie Hearn wasn’t in awe of what he witnessed last Sunday night with Youtuber Jake Paul losing to Tyson Fury’s little brother, Tommy Fury, in Saudi Arabia.

After the fight, Hearn wasn’t going to give false praise to Jake & Tommy by saying they were destined to win world titles one day. In Tommy’s case, Hearn says he’ll never even win a British title, and he’s likely right about that.

You can’t put Tommy Fury in with Richard Riakporhe and expect him to win or even be competitive because he would be blown out of the water as soon as he’s nailed by the first big right hand from the talented 6’6″ fighter.

Riakporhe would literally sink Tommy’s ship in one round, which tells you all you need to know about the level of the 23-year-old Fury.

Hearn: Jake & Tommy are “average” fighters

“For a Youtuber, who has never boxed before and at the age of 24 and three years, he is unbelievable,” said Eddie Hearn to iFL TV about Jake Paul. “I said to a boxer today, ‘What level do you think that fight [Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury]  was?’ and they said, ‘I don’t think it was area title level.’

“Now to the casuals and the people who aren’t aware of that, you’ve got British title, English title, and then area titles. I don’t like it when I say that they’re poor in terms of their ability.

“The problem with Jake Paul is he genuinely believes he can be a world class contender. He’s so far off, but there are worse pros than Jake Paul. Tommy Fury beat about nine of them. Jake Paul was the best opponent Tommy has ever faced, and that gives you all you need to know about his resume.

“Tommy is NEVER going to win a British title, in my opinion, but there are loads of people that aren’t going to win a British title. I would be critical [of Jake vs. Tommy] if I was being sold to me as someone in that fight with ability.

“If you want to talk about I’m watching an eight-rounder because I’m watching a world class prospect, no. If that fight was on a small hall show or a non-TV show and it was just a couple of local lads, then alright, it was a good scrap.

“Don’t moan when I say it was a couple of average fighters in a 50-50 over eight rounds. What else do you want me to say? Neither of them has the ability to go to any level in the game. But one is a Youtuber who has done unbelievably well.

Jake Paul should fight KSI

“He looks away when he throws his punches, he turns his back in the fight, but he’s got a decent chin, he can whack a bit. I think he’s got a bottle. The other one [Tommy Fury], he’s got some kind of pedigree, young man, has got lots of improvements to make, but just in my opinion, isn’t going to go and win any major title.

“I’m not having a go at it. ‘Oh, it was only an eight-rounder.’ I thought it was a decent little crap between two very average fighters. I was expecting Tommy Fury to grab the fight by the balls, walk him down, to beat him up, and stop him.

“But he boxed cagily, he boxed passively, and Jake Paul was better than I thought, as I thought they all thought that. I thought he took some good shots, I thought he had a decent jab, and I thought he could whack a bit.

“But in other times, every time he throws, he’s looking away. Sometimes in a clinch, he turns his back, but look, sometimes I’ve seen worse fights on a professional card,at and I’ve seen worse fighters than Jake Paul. I’ve said that before.

“When I’ve said he’s an average professional fighter, that’s not an insult. That actually could be a compliment. That’s what he is; he’s average. He’s never going to compete at any major level, but why should he?

“That’s like me or you turning pro and then all of a sudden becoming world class contenders. What he’s done in his position is amazing, but in professional boxing, he’s not very good. That’s just facts. He should fight KSI, he’ll make an absolute fortune and then that’s his lot,” said Hearn.

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