Dubois: “I’m Going To Go Through Usyk!”

By Vladimir S - 08/24/2023 - Comments

Daniel Dubois spoke to Boxing News’ Rob Tebbutt ahead of his bout with Oleksandr Usyk in Wroclaw.

It’s all getting very real now, isn’t it? Dubois: “Of course, It’s been building up from day one, and I’m ready for the fight. I’m ready.”

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When asked about the significance of this fight for his family, he acknowledged the emotional weight:

“Yeah, definitely big time. It means a lot, means the world.”

Dubois is clear about his expectations from Usyk. He anticipates a strong challenge but remains unwavering in his game plan.

“I expect Usyk to bring his his A again, you know. My old plan, my approach is to go right through him. Definitely go.”

And what about that knee injury from the last fight? Dubois quickly dismissed concerns:

“The knee’s fine. I’ve been running, I’ve been doing everything, hill sprints, all of that. It’s stronger than before, actually.”

This raises an interesting question: How will Dubois’ past injuries shape the way he faces one of the world’s best pound-for-pound fighters?

Ripping Up the Script: Dubois’ Path to Victory?

“It goes without saying this is a massive opportunity, and I need to take it with both hands and rip them belts off of Usyk.”

His strategy? A relentless, wild approach.

“For me, it’s just a straightforward plan: be crazy in there, fight crazy, fight wild.”

He’s been training hard in the Spanish mountains to prepare for this fight, an experience he described as intense:

“Hard man, hard. Wow, I never knew I could train that hard, but I’m really boiled down, you know, starve myself a bit, but it’s all worth it.”

Dubois also shed light on his relationship with his new trainer, Don Charles.

“Very good, you know, training with Don is a new experience for me, new style, new everything. So for me, it’s just soaking in all the knowledge he’s telling me.”

Is this new dynamic going to be a pivotal factor in his upcoming match?

“And the New”? Dubois’ Final Words:

Dubois: “And the new, definitely and the new, by any means necessary!”

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