“Don’t blink!” says Haye ahead of Bellew fight – “Bellew is getting destroyed”

A fighter’s fitness cannot be gauged accurately by looking at photos, but it must be said, David Haye looks in absolutely superb physical condition today as he trains for his grudge-match with fellow Brit Tony Bellew – and there are still a full eight weeks to go until fight night.

Haye, who is training out at Dino Spencer’s legendary 5th Street Gym in Miami Beach, released a Twitter photo today, along with a short video message also on social media. Haye looks to be about as fit and strong as he ever has, certainly more ripped and muscular than for his last fight, the May blowout of Arnold “The Cobra.”

Again, appearances can be deceptive – and current WBC cruiser champ Bellew is a perfect example of this; his body type not coming close to being indicative of his fighting prowess – but Haye says he is punching harder and faster than ever. Yes, plenty of fighters say this when entering a big fight, but the gleeful smile Haye breaks into when talking about the demolition job he is going to do on “Bellend Bellew” suggests he has full faith in his fitness, power and speed.

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Haye goes as far as to say he has a very real feeling he may KO Bellew with a jab. As much as Haye would like a quick, hassle-free one-round win, the paying fans would be disappointed if the heavily hyped fight, which will go out on P-P-V on Sky Box Office, ended so quickly. Fans know Haye is the big favourite to win, and by KO, but some believe Bellew just might get home with a big shot himself.

As has been pointed out, Haye has not been in a “real” fight since his 2012 battle with Dereck Chisora. If – and it could be a big if – Bellew can extend Haye beyond, say, the fourth or fifth round and turn the fight into a gruelling, who- wants-it-more type battle, Haye’s stamina could possibly let him down. If this happens, Bellew says Haye will “quit.”

Haye, though, is hearing none of that, insisting only that the fight will be exciting for however long Bellew is conscious. “He won’t be conscious for long,” Haye vowed on his video message. “From round one, don’t blink.”

March 4th cannot come around fast enough.