Dillian Whyte Vs. Kubrat Pulev: Who Wins?

Both heavyweights are coming off a stoppage loss and both guys are looking at a way to get back to the top. Dillian Whyte was sent south in the fifth round by Alexander Povetkin back in August, while Kubrat Pulev was crushed in the ninth round by Anthony Joshua last month. Whyte of course wants revenge over Povetkin yet the British contender has also expressed interest in taking an interim fight should the rematch take too long to get done (Povetkin-Whyte II was set for January, only for Povetkin to go down with Covid, the new date looking like some time in March but nothing is concrete).

If Whyte does look to take another fight prior to his return with Povetkin, Pulev is more than willing to fight him. This is according to Pulev’s co-promoter Ivaylo Gotzev, who spoke with Sky Sports. After revealing how Pulev had been battling symptoms of Covid just one month before the Joshua fight (this compromising Pulev’s performance, Gotzev says), Gotzev said a fight between Pulev and Whyte would be “a great heavyweight scrap for the future.”

“Let’s not forget that right now we stand still in a winning column with Kubrat at 2-1 against top British heavyweights,” Gotzev said. “I’m referring to Chisora and Hughie Fury, so let’s keep the score going. Certainly, one fight of great interest that I think style-wise and personalities would make for a great clash is Pulev versus Dillian Whyte, once he deals with Povetkin. Dillian Whyte has been very loud in the past talking about Kubrat and Kubrat feels like he is the perfect mouth he wants to shut.”

Pulev-Whyte would certainly be a fight fans would tune in to see. How much has Pulev got left? Has that devastating KO at the hands of Povetkin taken a good deal out of Whyte? Again, the fight Whyte wants – and the fight we all want to see – is the return with Povetkin. But if that match is unavailable, who knows, we might see Whyte-Pulev this year. Who has the better chin out of these two?

13 thoughts on “Dillian Whyte Vs. Kubrat Pulev: Who Wins?”

  1. the odds are more in favor of whyte , i would say 9 times out of 10 he wins by ko or decision more likely ko by 6 round since pulev gets tired by the 4th

  2. I would heavily favor Whyte. In addition, if Whyte were to lose to Pulev, that would damage his career very badly. I would expect him to be very motivated, to train hard, and to win.

  3. Whyte wins. He got caught with a perfect uppercut but Povetkin would’ve been knocked out if he didn’t land that shot. Whyte dose have a great chin, but hasn’t got the best defense. It was a very nasty KO so this fight all depends on how has recovered. Pulev still has something but he was well and truly beaten by AJ he didnt have to power of the footwork to even bother AJ. But he will have more success with Whyte. If this fight goes ahead, which I hope it dose I see Whyte winning between 6-8 rounds if he isnt over cautions.

  4. Whyte would win this fight BUT, both fighters are past the championship primes… it would be a meaningless fight… Both in their primes I would have given Povetkin the edge…

  5. I’d give the edge to White.
    He was doing really good against Povetkin then caught a perfect uppercut and it’s all over.
    Where as, Pulev was losing the whole way against Joshua.
    Plus Pulev is getting older and starting to slip.

  6. I’d favor Whyte. Pulev is older and come ng of a knockout loss at nearly 40. I think that would affect him more than Whyte getting kod. Whyte needs to snatch Pulev body
    Whyte has 2 wins over Derrick

  7. Whyte boxes and moves will easily outpoint the Gollum. Pulev’s chance will be in exchanges where he can catch DW with the right hand and left hook around his guard.
    Who knows what that Sasha KO has done to DW’s punch resistance, but I would like DW to box and move at least the first half and then step on the accelerator and maybe try and close the show.
    KP has feet of cement so in and out and round and round is the way to go with the big guy.

  8. whyte – joyce would be a more interesting fight, probably easier to make happen, better than a chisora-whyte again and definitely a money maker. Whyte is sitting at the gate if he does not get a fight with ovetkin. If whyte beats joyce, he makes a bigger statement. joyce win would put him in the fast lane. someone else needs to knock povetkin off his horse. nada joshua-povetkin again, oh gahd. yoko-povetkin would be a more interesting to hopefully put yoko in the fast lane.


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