Devin Haney Vows to Beat Ryan Garcia “For the People,” Accuses Garcia Family of Racism

By Tim Compton - 03/01/2024 - Comments

Devin Haney was agitated moments after the Los Angeles press conference ended, accusing Garcia’s family of being racists and promising to punish Ryan Garcia for it on April 20th.

Haney was worked up about Ryan’s dad, Henry Garcia, saying that Dev’s dad, Bill, has “nappy hair. This comment by Henry came in response to Bill telling the media that he wears a “toupee.” Bill started the hair comments with that remark, and Henry reacted with his comment. That was a mean thing for Bill to say to get the ball rolling.

Devin sees it as racist on Henry’s part, which some boxing fans feel is a reach on his part, to try to use it as a tool to marginalize Ryan in the eyes of the public. It’s a poor way of marketing a fight to use the race card, especially given Devin’s history with this comment that he made before his fight with Vasily Lomachenko:

“I can tell you this — I will never lose to a white boy in my life,” said Devin to 78SportsTV.

Haney should focus on selling the fight based on the actual sporting value rather than using Henry’s comment as his method to get fans interested in purchasing the match on DAZN PPV.

‘They Need to Get Out of Boxing’

“Us African Americans, we got more coarse hair than other races, but that doesn’t mean our hair is nappy. That doesn’t make our hair nappy,” said Devin Haney to the media, still talking about Ryan Garcia’s dad, Henry, saying that Dev’s dad, Bill, has “nappy” hair after he outed him about wearing a toupee to cover his baldness.

If Haney beats Ryan, it probably won’t get him out of boxing because he’s too popular, and beating him by a decision won’t cause him to give up the sport. He’s going to keep going and likely enjoy a great deal of success, perhaps continuing to make more money than Haney.

“These guys [the Garcia’s], they really be undercover racists. They just exposed themselves,” said Haney, painting the entire Garcia family with a broad brush, reacting to Henry’s comment.

“That’s why I’m going to beat him [Ryan] for the people. The world needs to get behind this because these people [Garcia family] don’t deserve to be in this position, they deserve to be in boxing. They need to get out of boxing. What kind of comment is that? Who even comments about a black person having nappy hair? That’s just something you don’t say.

Promises a Brutal Victory

“It’s a huge fight. You see how big this event is, and that’s why everybody needs to go get their tickets. This fight is going to be a crazy event. I’m going to beat the s*** out of him for the people and the world and it’s going to be crazy,” said Haney.

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