Devin Haney on Vasily Lomachenko: “I’m ending him”

By Rob Smith - 05/14/2023 - Comments

Undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney says he’s going to be putting an end to the career of Vasily Lomachenko next Saturday night when he “finally” faces him after four years of chasing in their headliner contest on ESPN PPV at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  The Haney-Lomachenko event sells for $59.99 on ESPN PPV.

Haney (29-0, 15 KOs) says Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs) is looking to get out of the sport after a long career, and he intends to help him by putting a beating on him that will leave him with no choice but to retire.

“This is only the beginning. At 24-years-old. I’ve got a long career ahead of me,” said Devin Haney to Top Rank Boxing. “Loma is looking to retire soon. He’s looking on his escape route.

“I’m ending him. I’m putting a stop to his career. I’m going to embarrass him, and he’s not going to be the same after. I’m closing the chapter on Loma after this.

“I’ve wanted this fight for a long time. It’s finally here. Checkmate, bingo. They fell for the trap. It’s my turn,” said Haney.

“The warrant has already been served. Lomachenko will be sentenced,” said Bill Haney, the dad of Devin. “Team Lomachenko and Vasily have run out of time.”

“This has always been a dream of mine to be fighting at the MGM Grand here in Las Vegas, where I grew up. It wouldn’t matter wherever we were. If we were fighting in Ukraine, I’d still be victorious, but it just makes it a lot more sweeter fighting here.

“We’re preparing for the best Loma on that night. We’re watching his best performances,” said Haney.

“He’s undisputed world champion. He’s world champion right now,” said Lomachenko about Devin.

“I think Loma should have fought me four years ago when I was calling for him. Everything has gotten better since four years ago,” said Haney. “Whatever he brings on fight night, it won’t be enough.”

“Why is he talking about this? Now for him it’ll be more easy for him than four years ago,” said Lomachenko.

“I’m putting a stop to his career, and I’m going to embarrass him and he just won’t be the same after,” said Haney.

“Look, he has a chance to prove what he’s said. So we’ll see,” said Lomachenko.

“It’s time for the new guy to come in. Me,” said Haney. “He’s on his way out. Goodbye.”

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