Dereck Chisora “Cool” With Wladimir Klitschko Sparring Usyk Ahead Of Their Fight

Chisora Says Wlad Should Not Have Retired

Dereck Chisora says he is not at all fazed at the idea of Wladimir Klitschko sparring with and assisting his upcoming foe Oleksandr Usyk. Speaking with Sky Sports, Chisora said he is “cool” with Wladimir helping Usyk with his preparations for their upcoming (date to be confirmed, the fight delayed due to the coronavirus battle) WBO heavyweight title fight eliminator.

Chisora, who says he is unable to find any fighter capable of emulating southpaw Usyk’s style and ring approach and that he cannot get a sparring partner who can copy Usyk’s style of fighting, says it always puzzles him why former long-reigning king Klitschko retired when he did. “War” Chisora insists Wladimir “could still be causing commotion in the heavyweight game” today.

“Wladimir is a good fighter, the guy’s in shape,” Chisora told Sky Sports. “The problem is with him, it’s straightforward, I don’t know why he retired. He could still be causing a commotion in the heavyweight game. What reason he retired, I don’t understand why. He only lost to Tyson Fury and AJ, but if he wanted to come back, I think he can come back and knock some people out in the game. For him helping Usyk, I’m happy with that, I’m cool with that. But he’s not going to help him when he’s inside the ring is he?”

Usyk Vs. Chisora is one of the more interesting fights set for this year. Can Usyk’s blend of skills and cleverness see off the rough and tough Chisora and can the Ukrainian then go on and win a world title as a heavyweight? Or will Chisora be too strong and too powerful and determined for the smaller man? We should have had only a few days longer to wait to get our answers, the fight set for May 23 before you know what came and changed the whole world. We await the new date, and venue, for the fight.

As for Wladimir fighting again; the 44 year old had teased us with vague suggestions of him maybe coming back – and with everyone from Mike Tyson to Evander Holyfield currently back in training for ring returns of some kind, who knows if he has given up on the idea. It would be fascinating to be able to see those Usyk-Klitschko sparring sessions, that’s for certain.