Danny Garcia vs. Ivan Redkach & Jarrett Hurd vs. Francisco Santa – weigh-in results

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WBC Welterweight Title Eliminator – 12-Rounds

Danny Garcia – 147 lbs
Ivan Redkach – 146 ¾ lbs

Referee: Benjy Esteves; Judges: Glenn Feldman (Connecticut), Tony Paolillo (New York), Don Trella (Connecticut).

Super Welterweight Bout – 10-Rounds

Jarrett Hurd – 154 ½ lbs.
Francisco Santana – 155 lbs.

Referee: Arthur Mercante; Judges: Larry Hazzard, Jr. (New Jersey), Julie Lederman (New York); Kevin Morgan (New York)

WBO Junior Featherweight Title Eliminator – 12-Rounds
Stephen Fulton, Jr. – 122 lbs.
Arnold Khegai – 121 ¾ lbs.

Referee: Steve Willis; Judges: Frank Lombardi (Connecticut), John McKaie (New York), Waleska Roldan (New York)



“We’re going to go in there and fight the Danny Garcia fight. If he wants to brawl, he can do his thing, but just don’t get too excited because I’ve got two hammers waiting for him. Don’t try too hard because you might knock yourself out.

“I love the Barclays Center. Brooklyn, New York has always shown me a lot of love, all my fans from Philly, all my fans from all around the world show me love. The atmosphere is going to be crazy tomorrow, I can’t wait.”

“I’m locked in, and I’m ready for Saturday night,” said Danny Garcia. “I know what I’m up against, and I never overlook nobody. I know a lot of other promotions are mentioning a lot of names, just to tie it in to make the fight to be bigger. I’m locked in, so I understand the promotion of it. I’ve been here, and it ain’t nothing new to me,” said Garcia.

“Definitely, especially his last one,” said Danny when asked if he was surprised at how Manny Pacquiao fought in his last two fights. “He did good against [Adrien] Broner, but he looked like the old Manny against [Keith] Thurman. Definitely, for sure. I used to fight on his undercards. It’s definitely a blessing. And I think Zab [Judah] was one of my favorites. He was from Brooklyn, and it was a crazy atmosphere. But all of them were great experiences, and all of them were fun.

Garcia was supposed to fight Pacquiao and Mikey Garcia in 2019

“It’s a 50-50 fight,” said Garcia on Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence Jr. “Whoever wants it will win. I was supposed to fight him last year in August, and that’s the reason why I only fought one time last year because I was supposed to fight in April. And I was supposed to fight Manny, and then Manny fought Thurman.

“I was supposed to fight Mikey [Garcia], but Mikey didn’t want to fight,” said Garcia. “That’s the reason why I only fought one time last year because those two big fights fell out. Yeah, I think Garcia-Garcia will definitely ba big fight,” Danny said about a fight between him and Mikey Garcia.

“You gotta stay locked in, and enjoy every minute of it,” said Garcia in explaining how he stays motivated with his boxing career. “You’ve got to take every minute and embrace it. Definitely, I definitely want those fights again,” said Danny about him wanting rematches against Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter.

“You learn something new each time you go out there,” said Garcia. “I don’t know what I’m going to learn yet, but I’m definitely going to learn something new. I’m going to take it, and adjust to it, and see where it goes,” said Danny.

Danny Garcia planning on moving to 154

“Definitely, I want to win this fight, and then fight one more time to get a 147-lb world title, and then I want to go up to 154 and start a new journey. I make it. It’s hard, but I make sure I make it,” said Garcia about the 147-lb weight limit.

“If I’m guaranteed a big fight, then I’ll stay at 147,” said Garcia. “But like for instance, if Manny and Spence fight, and I don’t get it, then I might as well go up, and start a new journey. There’s no reason for me to be at 147, because I can always fight Thurman or Porter at 154. I think I could be a middleweight, but that’s a long shot.

“I think the Barclays Center is the mecca of boxing, and I think New York is the mecca of boxing,” Garcia said. “It’s a great place, can’t miss, and the fans love it. Everyone loves it. We got to go in there, win every round, and make sure we win the fight,” said Danny about his fight against Redkach on Saturday. The knockout is icing on the cake. We always want the knockout, but if not, then we’re happy with the decision,” said Garcia.

Kenny Porter: Danny Garcia won’t get credit for beating Redkach

“Danny Garcia is a great fighter, and we want to see him in great fights,” said Kenny Porter to Fighthub. “On paper, Redkach doesn’t look like a great fight. That’s just my opinion. What do you do? You go in there, and you wipe that guy [Redkach] out, and who really cares? That’s my opinion. You lay this guy out, and no one is jumping up and down saying you just beat a great fighter.

“No one is jumping up and down saying they want to see you fight whoever because of the competition you just went up against,” said Porter in criticizing Garcia for taking the Redkach fight. “So level of competition means a lot to me, it means a lot to Shawn [Porter].

“To fight Terence Crawford would be a great fight to be in,” said Kenny about fights Shawn Porter wants. “And to fight Manny Pacquiao is a great fight to be in. Of course, fighting Errol Spence in a rematch, it’s going to be an explosive fight. Those are the level of fights we want to be in. If you call me about a Redkach fight, I have to say I’m not interested,” said Porter.


“This training camp, I didn’t have to work at losing weight, I just had to work at beating Danny. I believe in my game plan, I believe in the training camp that we had, that’s why I’m going to knock him out. I’ve already visualized it.”

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Super Lightweight Bout – 8-Rounds

Patrick Harris – 140 ¾ lbs.
Clay Burns – 139 ½ lbs.

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Welterweight Bout – 8-Rounds

Keeshawn Williams – 150 lbs.
Gaku Takahashi – 147 ¼ lbs.

Middleweight Bout – 6-Rounds

Lorenzo Simpson – 159 ½ lbs.
Antonio Hernandez – 159 lbs.