Daniel Dubois “unfairly written off” against Oleksandr Usyk says Carl Frampton

By Michael Collins - 08/19/2023 - Comments

Carl Frampton believes that challenger Daniel Dubois is being “unfairly written off” by boxing fans and the media ahead of his fight next Saturday night against IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Oleksander Ussyk on August 26h at the Stadion Wroclaw in Wroclaw, Poland.

The huge 6’5″, 245 lb Dubois (19-1, 18 KOs) has the size & power to defeat Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs), but his lack of hand speed, boxing skill, and high-level experience is what counts against the 25-year-old in this contest.

Dubois has already failed once since turning pro, quitting on a knee in the tenth round against Joe Joyce in 2020, and he almost lost for a second time last December when he was dropped three times by the southpaw Kevin Lerena in the first round and given a lucky break when the British referee Howard Foster chose not to half the fight.

It probably wouldn’t displease WBC champion Tyson Fury if Dubois were to defeat Usyk, as he’s shown no desire to face the talented Ukrainian. Indeed, you can argue that Fury has made sure that this fight didn’t happen.

So if Dubois can find the right formula to defeat Usyk, he’d be doing the aging 35-year-old Fury a big solid.

“I think he’s been really unfairly written off.  The kid has a chance,” said Carl Frampton to TNT Boxing about Daniel Dubois having a chance against Oleksandr Usyk on August 26th.

“If he [Usykl] uses all his energy up, he really has a chance. I don’t think Usyk will knock him out in one shot. If there’s one who can get knocked out in one single shot, it’s Usyk who can get knocked out by Daniel Dubois because he’s the puncher in the fight.”

No pressure on underdog Dubois

“Let’s get it on. No, no pressure. Pressure as far as the crowd, the media, and all of that, but anyway, that doesn’t even come into my head,” said Dubois to TNT Sports Boxing. “It’s all about fighting and going out there, and let’s get it on.

“As soon as the bell rings. I’m in fight mode now, but as soon as the bell ring, I really switch on. I really change. I turn the switch, and I’m ready to just go out there and take it, take titles, and take the belts.

“It’s putting a lot of things in,” said Dubois about his new coach Don Charles. “Don has got a lot of passion, and you feel that. I’ve been training with him, and he’s been very vocal.

“You have to soak that up and take that energy and take all that passion with the team. Everyone around me, use that and push me through that.

Dubois’ game plan to beat Usyk

“Cut him down, break his body, hit him anything about the waist, whack it, take it. This fight is about proving to myself that I’m up there and getting some respect on my name, cutting things out. This is a start for me.

“I’ve got to do whatever I got to do to win by any means necessary. Yeah, let’s go with that,” said Dubois when told that his promoter Frank Warren said that he’s going to ‘knock Usyk the [bleep] out.’

“Ooh, yeah. Let him phone me up. Ooh, yeah,” said Dubois about a fight against WBC champion Tyson Fury for the undisputed heavyweight championship next, provided he beats Usyk next Saturday night.

“It’s all about getting through this first step, and then I’m flying. I’ll grow as a person. Tune in because this is going to be a top fight.  I’m ready for it. Yeah, just bring it on. Let’s make history,” said Dubois.

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