Leonard Ellerbe: Teofimo Lopez is delusional with the A-side talk at 135

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe says Teofimo Lopez and his dad are “delusional” if they really believe they’re the “A-side” in the lightweight division among the top fighters like Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia, Devin Haney, and Vasily Lomachenko.

Ellerbe points out that Teofimo (16-0, 12 KOs) was the B-side for his fight against Lomachenko on October 17th, and he’s never sold out a venue before that he’d headlined.

Further, Teofimo isn’t a bigger attraction than Ryan Garcia, and he’s not a pay-per-view attraction like Tank Davis. Top Rank is trying to turn Teofimo into a star, Ellerbe says, and they’re not going to put him in with a risky fighter like Devin Haney.

They’re also not matching him back up against Lomachenko, who he was fortunate to beat. Teofimo took advantage of Lomachenko being injured to beat him.

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When Lomachenko decided to fight through the pain from his injured right shoulder, he dominated Teofimo through the last half of the fight.

Teofimo is NOT the A-side

“He’s not undisputed because Devin has got the WBC belt,” said Ellerbe to Fighthype about Teofimo holding four titles at 135.

Devin Haney, Leonard Ellerbe, Teofimo Lopez - Boxing News

“It was a tremendous accomplishment beating Lomachenko. It was the biggest fight Top Rank could make on their network, it was the biggest fight they could possibly make.

“But for him and his pops to make that comment, it just shows a lack of knowledge as far as the business goes,” said Ellerbe about Teofimo saying he’s the A-side of the lightweight division.

He [Teofimo] was the B-side for Lomachenko. Correct me if I’m wrong, but has he ever headlined a show before?

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“Has he ever sold out any venues? He’s a good fighter, but they’re delusional as it relates to the business. Having the belts, that’s a great thing,” said Leonard about Teofimo holding the IBF, WBA, WBC Franchise, and WBO lightweight titles. ”

“But in no way, form, or fashion could he ever be considered an A-side with anything that is going on over here. Ryan Garcia is a bigger attraction than he is, and that’s a fact.

“That is an irrefutable fact. History will show you that,” said Ellerbe about having world titles isn’t the same thing as being a star or a big box off attraction.

“Canelo has fought GGG and Kovalev. Do you think he was the A-side in all of that? The numbers don’t lie,” said Ellerbe.

Teofimo could hurt his career if he or his promoters at Top Rank insist that he be the A-side in fights against Haney, Ryan Garcia, and Tank Davis.

If Teofimo tries to use his four titles to get the A-side advantage against those fighters, he’ll never fight them. Teofimo will outgrow the 135-lb division without fighting any of the big names aside from Lomachenko, and he’ll have to move up to 140.

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For Teofimo to become a star, he’s going to need to fight Haney, Ryan, and Tank. But he won’t be able to do that if he’s insisting on being the A-side.

What Teofimo doesn’t understand is that it doesn’t matter how many world titles he possesses. Belts no longer matter in boxing.

The fans are confused about who is a champion and who isn’t, and they’re immune to being told such and such fighter is a champion.

The sanctioning bodies have spoiled it by creating too many titles, and the fans are no longer impressed when told that a fighter is a world champion.

Teofimo only has his win over Lomachenko that the casual boxing fans have seen, and he wasn’t impressive in that fight.

Ellerbe wants Teofimo to fight Haney

“Top Rank has a great plan for him [Teofimo] and his future,” said Ellerbe. “He’s not a pay-per-view fighter yet, but he’s going to get there because he’s a very good fighter.

Devin Haney, Leonard Ellerbe, Teofimo Lopez - Boxing News

“But I think he should fight Devin Haney. I think that’s a tremendous fight. I know who wins the fight in my opinion, but Top Rank has a different plan for Lopez and it doesn’t consist of fighting Devin Haney right now.

“It all has to make business sense,” said Ellerbe when asked about Teofimo taking part in a tournament.

“For starters, Tank Davis is a pay-perv-view fighter. Of all the guys that we mentioned, Tank is a pay-per-view fighter. Who brings the most to the table in fighting Gervonta Davis right now?

“Tank is the guy that makes every one of them the most money. That’s a fact. Ryan Garcia brings a lot to the table. Him, his dad, and his team have built himself into an attraction.

“People want to see Ryan Garcia for a reason. He has a couple of the belts, and he’s a good fighter,” said Ellerbe about Teofimo.

Earlier on Saturday, Teofimo said that for Haney to get a fight against him, he’ll need to agree to let him be the A-side, and that’ll get from two to three million.

Teofimo to get big money fighting Kambosos

“I would never say anything negative about him and what he’s accomplished, but he’s delusional about that part of the comment.

Devin Haney, Leonard Ellerbe, Teofimo Lopez - Boxing News

“But God bless him. Him and his pop says Bob [Arum] is going to pay him eight to ten million dollars in his next fight.

Hey, I love it. Tank is willing to fight anybody. He [Teofimo] has a bright future ahead of him, but he’s delusional as it relates to the business.

“He’s entitled to his opinion,” said Ellerbe in reacting to criticism from Teofimo about Tank Davis fighting Leo Santa Cruz in his last fight.

“I could come back and say for the short a** money he took for the Lomachenko fight, but he gained so much from winning the fight.

“But it just shows you they’re in a different world. Trust me, Bob Arum is going to bring him back to reality.

“It’s a good fight for him and a great business move,” said Ellerbe in responding to the news that Teofimo may fight his IBF mandatory George Kambosos Jr next in front of 60,000 fans in Australia.

“They’re not fighting no Devin Haney, I can tell you that right now. There’s way too much risk [fighting Haney] with not a lot of reward,” said Ellerbe.

If Top Rank is able to set up a stadium fight between Teofimo and Kambosos next, that’s good for him. That fight isn’t going to turn Teofimo into a star.

Top Rank can’t turn Teofimo into a star on the cheap by matching him against weak no-name opposition like Kambosos. The average boxing fans in the U.S has never heard of Kambosos, and they’re not going to be interested in this mismatch.

Lopez WON’T fight, Haney says, Ellerbe

“Teo will fight anybody, and the fighters will fight,” said Ellerbe. “They’re not scared.

Devin Haney, Leonard Ellerbe, Teofimo Lopez - Boxing News

“It’s the business and the big picture of where the future is at. But Teofimo, he’ll fight anybody.

“Again, they [Top Rank] have a plan for him in his career, and it’s none of my business.

“But their immediate plans are they’re not going to fight no Devin Haney, that’s for damn sure.

“Yep,” said Ellerbe when asked if Teofimo will stop Kambosos. “It’s a good fight for Top Rank, it’s a good fight for him [Teofimo fighting Kambosos in Autralia], and it’s a good business move.

“Again, it’s part of the process. They’re trying to build the kid [Teofimo] into a star. That’s all that is.

“Fighting Devin Haney is not going to do that. Trust me, it’s way too much risk. Teo will fight Devin, but in my opinion, that’s not what the company [Top Rank] is going to do,” said Ellerbe.

It’s pretty obvious that Lopez won’t be fighting Haney given his talk of wanting to be the A-side, and Top Rank won’t let that fight happen due to the risk.

Teofimo lacks the stamina to fight hard for a full 12 round fight, and he’ll end up running out of gas after four or five rounds.

O boy @TeofimoLopez capping in the franchise witness protection program and @KingRyanG just joined him.
I’m ready to fight in April! 🍽😤#RealChampion

— Devin Haney (@Realdevinhaney) January 8, 2021

12 thoughts on “Leonard Ellerbe: Teofimo Lopez is delusional with the A-side talk at 135”

  1. Lomo’s name no longer belongs alongside those of undefeateds like Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia, and Devin Haney. he’s 14-2 and not even the A-side of the best available 130lb showdown, never mind 135lbs. moreover, his post-loss excuses (shoulder injury or judges? which is it?!?) have only diminished his value even more. i wouldn’t favor him v. Berchelt Orrr Valdez.

    • As a Loma fan 100% spot on, be it arrogance or whatever I can’t believe he didn’t insert a rematch clause vs Teo. Lets put it to bed before the resident crazy pipes up, Teo beat him fair and square in a good fight and is not compelled to give him a rematch, even more after all the moaning, not even close to the utter BS Wilder has spat, but same vibes. Still in the mix obviously as a superb fighter but may at 14-2 now be a guy that Lopez, Haney, Davis, Garcia and Stevenson think, why do I need him? He can clearly beat all of them on his day (they can beat him btw) but some of his luster has gone. For me the fight for Loma is Mike Garcia, both coming off a loss against much bigger guys and really a perfect fight at LW or go back to Super Feather and fight there. As a Loma fan I want Teo, Tank, Haney and Garcia to duke it out. Maybe Stevenson is a bit small and Teo may move upto LWW soon, damn fights against Ramirez and Taylor would be good scraps.

  2. The guy with all the major straps isn’t undisputed? Strange comment, oh but Haney has a 2nd tier title? Huh, what?

  3. last time i checked talkafimo was the champion at 135 haney is nothing more than a paper chump has never fought and beat a real champion in the ring and never will

  4. Ellerbe, a guy I don’t really care for, makes a lot of sense talking about Teofimo “Big Mouth” Lopez and his Daddy. One Bad decision win over Lomachenko does not make him a star, and definitely not a PPV star. He’s unknown for the most apart. His mouth is becoming more annoying, and he must rematch Lomachenko and beat him legitimately and stop running and saying he won’t rematch him because he doesn’t want to, SMH! SMH! SMH! Both Teofimos have no understanding or sense in terms of marketing and selling themselves. No one’s going to pay them any big money fighting C level guys like Kambosos. They don’t understand that their value is low. There’s no guarantee you get big pay days just because of a tainted win. Big Mouth Teofimo needs to rematch Lomachenko and beat him to get interest and respect from fans. He will be able to make big money with a win. Both of these big mouths need to find financial advisors/managers that also have boxing sense that know what they’re doing otherwise these two will go around saying “we want 10 million, we deserve this, we are the A side, we want everything our way” and get nothing. Big Mouth Teofimo’s have no smarts when it comes to the business side of boxing and their actual worth. Ellerbe makes a ton of sense.

    Big Mouth Teofimo has very little followers compared to the Diva Darling, Mr. Social Media, Big Mouth Ryan Garcia. Garcia is way out of his league in terms of skill, but has more clout because of his Social Media teenage Followers and his Pretty Boy looks that will get him some good pay days. Eventually he will be exposed because he lacks real boxing development and is believing his own hype. In terms of popularity and marketability, Mr. Social Media Garcia destroys Big Mouth Teofimo. Garcia has much more upside in terms of marketability, but lacks the talent.
    Gervonta Davis sells out his home town arena and has that special debilitating power that draws fans like Mike Tyson once did. He’s the quiet killer that sells his fights based on his skills and power. He talks very little outside the ring, but inside the ring, his fists do the talking. Gervonta “Tank” Davis is a Real Person, not fake Divas that turn into someone else every time the cameras are on them like Big Mouth Teofimo and Mr. Social Media Pretty Boy Ryan Garcia. Tank is a real fighter that doesn’t play games on social media. He is growing because of his skills like it should be.
    Devin Haney is nothing special. He will always be the B side in any fights because he has decent skills. Nothing exciting in his style. No power and has no fan base. He’s a lot of hype, but has Hearn trying to make him into a star, which will be impossible. Haney brings nothing to the table. His only way of becoming a star is to beat a top guy.

    Big Mouth Teofimo’s have to prove themselves a lot more before trying to dictate to others how much money they want. First off, they need to close their mouths and stay off social media. They turn off people more than earn fans. Their ridiculous million dollar demands are falling on deaf ears. How about finding some humility and respect instead of arrogance and disrespect. How about growing up and showing some maturity. How about giving Lomachenko and his father respect instead of lashing out at them with vulgarity so that the cameras can capture how tough they are, SMH! SMH! SMH! These two will be nothing but headaches to all the promoters, and will have difficulty making any big fights because they will over price themselves. This is not the way you do things in the sport to make a star. Take some of Ellerbe’s advice, yes ellerbe. a guy that isn’t my favorite, but he does give Lomachenko, Manny Pacquiao and GGG lots of respect.

  5. Greed has a way of showing up at all major functions…..right on time to deprive the FANS… who are the ones that fund these events….

  6. All hail, the New Breed!!!!
    Update on Teo vs Devin….

    Lopez was ordered to defend vs Kambosos, but this fight is now highly unlikely to happen due to the new strains of Corona and the travel ban imposed on flying to Australia.
    Fight would’ve happened in front of 60,000 fans which would’ve made sense in clearing the mandatory out the way and money in the bank.

    Teo has now once again turned his attention back to Devin Haney and I’ve heard they are negotiating or will soon be negotiating for this fight to happen next.
    Tank vs Garcia seems to be happening nex, so Teo vs Devin will happen in the back of this…

    I’m hearing that many boxers in different divisions are watching what happens with interest and if this really does fly with the 135s this is the CLINCHER that will drive big fights in future divisions.

    I am crossing all fingers because it seems that even the slow media are befginning to feel the vibe from the 135 and they are beginning to get with the program.

    We just need to convince the promoters and the governing bodies not to xxxx up the game!!!

    2021 and 2022 could really be the most pivotal years in the boxing game!


  7. In my mind as Ring magazine belt holder & Transnational boxing’s #1 Lopez has every right to act as the main man!!….

  8. Ellerbe is full of shit as usual. He’s actually setting the ground for an excuse for why Davis won’t fight Lopez.
    Also people like to say that belts no longer matter but in Lopez’s case he’s the undisputed champion and IMO that still matters a lot to boxers and fans.
    Personally I rate Lopez above Haney, Davis and Garcia.

  9. Oh dear, took out the man and has the bling to prove it, true or false? This talk is more to do with promotional games from Ellerbe. That’s the problem with boxing today, I don’t remember anyone else e.g Tank, Haney or Garcia doing this and taking Lomachenko to task. Teo worked his way into contention and jumped through every hoop that was asked of Loma than whooped the guy considered the MAN. Now you want him to jump through more hoops pppfffttt 👎. Great 135 be like the welterweight or heavyweight division real soon, boo boo boo 👎

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