Crawford Not Sure He’ll Stop Porter, But He Says His Performance Will Show “Why Certain Fights Haven’t Manifested”

If Terence Crawford is ever asked questions regarding his resume, if he’s asked why the big fights haven’t yet happened, the unbeaten pound-for-pound operator insists it’s not in any way his fault, that he himself always wanted the best. And Crawford said last night when speaking with ESPN, that his fight with Shawn Porter, and his performance in the fight, will show “why certain fights haven’t manifested or come to fruition.”

Crawford, 37-0(28) says he will look so good in beating Porter, the critics will fully understand why certain fighters really wanted no part of him (Crawford mentioned no names). Crawford acknowledges how the Porter fights is his toughest fight “on paper,” but he is certain he will win and send out a message.

“This is a big fight. Shawn Porter does have a lot of experience,” Crawford said. “Shawn Porter has tremendous talent, skills, and he’s going to come to fight. He makes fights ugly. He’s got a style of winning by any means necessary. If he’s gotta go in there and stink it up just to get the victory, he’s gonna stink it up to get the victory. That’s somebody you’ve to to worry about, because he’s gonna do everything in his will to win the fight. If it’s [the stoppage] there, then yes. If not, as long as I get the victory. He’s never been stopped, he’s very tough. He’s never been on the brink of being stopped. This fight is really going to show the calibre of fighter that I am. They’re going to look at me and say, ‘Oh, this is the reason why certain fights haven’t manifested or come to fruition.’ Because he’s that good.’”

Porter of course has other ideas, and he sees a win over Crawford as his way of going into The Hall of Fame. It really is a great fight, a fascinating fight, and for many it’s the most exciting fight that remains on this year’s schedule. In terms of fan split, it’s quite close, with the edge going to Crawford. But Porter, 31-3-1(17) does have a way of making good fighters fight his fight. Can Porter do it with Crawford? It could be that Crawford will get a close decision victory, but that it will not quiet those remaining critics who say Crawford has not faced the elite guys?

7 thoughts on “Crawford Not Sure He’ll Stop Porter, But He Says His Performance Will Show “Why Certain Fights Haven’t Manifested””

  1. 1. Porter is not just a mauler, he’s become an excellent boxer as well.
    2. Crapford, acts like people don’t want to fight him lol lol…… people wanted to fight Ali, Tyson, Paquio, Mayweather, Canelo, Liston, Frazier…… why the F does all of a sudden no one wants to fight you????😂😂😂…… if it were true it would be a reflection on that ur a talented no name!!
    3. I called u a no name?? Well let’s see….
    Would some bet me their life savings that if I hold a photo of u and Adrien Broner…… Broner wouldn’t be more recognized? I wouldn’t wanna bet that on either guy and that’s my point. You’ve beaten Kell Brook. THATS UR ENTIRE CAREER.

  2. Don’t sleep on porter.. can’t do that. He’s talking like he’s about to show porter up while giving him his due. I’m Crawford for the win, no question.. but if Crawford comes In with a, “ima walk this out” mentality.. we could easily see an upset.

    Crawford 8 rounds to 4 if he comes primed and ready

  3. I see Crawford just boxing and winning a one sided fight. I think Crawford does the opposite that Spence decided to do and that’s not fight porters blow for blow fight. Crawford by a easy boxing lesson.

    • No one has ever had an easy night against Shawn Porter. Even the top names have had their hands full. Expect Crawford to also have quite a struggle.

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