Crawford is a bad fight for Pacquiao, says Atlas

Teddy Atlas isn’t in favor of the aging 42-year-old superstar Manny Pacquiao tangling with the unbeaten WBO welterweight champion Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford because he thinks it’ll be the last match of the Filipino star’s career if he takes this fight.

Atlas is really high on the 33-year-old Crawford despite him never fought any of the quality welterweights since he moved up to 147 in 2018.

As Keith Thurman points out, Crawford is untested at welterweight, and he’s 100% right unless you consider Amir Khan, Jeff Horn, Jose Benavidez Jr, and Egidijus Kavaliauskas as serious tests.

What Atlas is focusing on in giving a dire prediction for the former eight-division world champion Pacquiao in a fight with Crawford is the inactivity.

Manny hasn’t fought since his narrow 12 round split decision win over ‘One Time’ Thurman in 2019, and that was a hard enough fight as it is against a deteriorated WBA champion.

That was a huge win for Pacquiao’s career over Thurman, who some boxing fans used to believe was the #1 welterweight in the division after Floyd Mayweather Jr retired in 2015.

Pacquiao could be fighting for the final time

“I think it might be the last fight for Pacquiao,” said Atlas on his Teddy Atlas site. “I think it’s a bad fight for Pacquiao. And I hate to see him go out that way.

Manny Pacquiao, Teddy Atlas, Terence Crawford - Boxing News

“I love both guys, I think Crawford is pound-for-pound right now, the best fighter in the world,” said Atlas.

You’ll get a lot of boxing fans that would vehemently disagree with Atlas about his view of Crawford being the #1 fighter in boxing. That’s an outdated view that Atlas has, and it sounds like he’s parroting what a casual fan said.

Crawford is a good fighter, but he may not even be the 3rd best guy in the 147-lb division at this point.

This writer rates the top welterweights as follows:

1. Errol Spence Jr

2. Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis

3. Vergil Ortiz Jr

4. Shawn Porter

5. Keith Thurman

6. Terence Crawford

You can argue that Crawford isn’t rugged enough to beat Spence, Ennis, Porter, Ortiz Jr, or Thurman. Crawford is a good fighter in a way that reminds this writer of Jorge Linares. Terence is technical like Linares, but neither of them is rugged.

“I know Canelo is up there, I know Spence is up there. For me, I have Crawford,” said Atlas.

“I mean we can only go by where we feel, what our taste is. For me, it’s Crawford. He can fight inside, outside. He carried his power, he went up all these weight classes.

“Three weight classes, I believe. He carried his power; he got great trainers,” said Atlas.


45 thoughts on “Crawford is a bad fight for Pacquiao, says Atlas”

  1. 7 losses with 60+ wins. Pac-man is a legend but he’s not the same level as he was even in the Floyd fight, and he was never a threat there. He got neutralized which made it boring. Let’s get real, Pacman wasn’t that much better than Thurman. He showed speed, some cunning and some power but he never hurt Thurman. I don’t think he’ll hurt Bud either. Thurman can’t hang with Bud in anyone’s dream. 2+2=4. I like Crawford by a fifth round KO. Crawford must KO Pac-man (or win dominantly) to “deserve” the Spence fight… period. He knows that and will show up. The Spence fight is the one we all want to see and could be the most watched fight of my lifetime. I like the defensive Crawford over an all offensive Spence and it’ll be a blast to watch.

  2. No win situation for Crawford. After this KO they will say Manny was washed up. Pac couldn’t handle Jeff Horn and we saw what Bud did to him. Maybe Spence will stop ducking Bud after this???

  3. This writer’s welterweight rankings are laughable. Vergil Ortiz 3rd? Ahead of much more accomplished fighters who would probably beat him? Ortiz hasn’t proven sh*t yet.

  4. Beat him pacquiao first before you tweet. We will see in the final round who will be the fans or ring side kneeled down tearfully. And say i’m wrong with regret…

  5. Manny Pacquiao has experience he will out box Crawford and gets him frustrated. Then Pacquiao will sense the frustration and he will finish him.

  6. Very bad fight for Pac-Man. He will be beaten into retirement. Manny it’s not too late back out of this fight to save your butt from beat down.

  7. I like Pacquiao. I feel he is a great spiritual fighter like Ali. He’s a figure of strength for the down trodden. But I feel this is what’s wrong with boxing the fighters that should be fighting are not. Pacquiao shouldn’t be fighting anymore. He should just retire and just concentrate on politics.

  8. Counter Punchers put guys like PAC Out cold …. Besides … PAC comes in Chin up ⬆️…. he’ll get caught and go out toes up

  9. Both fighters are good, but one fighter is great. Absolutely nothing beats experience, and I think that Manny will beat Crawford. Knockout?..maybe not, but can’t discount it either. I think is going to be more of a technical fight were the smarter fighter will win, and we all know that after the knockout Manny received from Marquez, he became a different man (although he beat the living crap out of Margarito and Bradley). The power is there from both, but this fight will not he won by a knockout, at least, not from Manny’s perspective.

    I believe Manny will pull the upset and win by decision.

  10. Say by bye to your perfect record Crawford….. pacman is the Goat and he gonna school your ass not really anyone impressive on Crawfords record anyway a washed up Kell Brook who is now scared of being hit since GGG fight and glass jaw khan being his best opponents

  11. Youth is all Crawford has… he will have to try and take Pac to deeper waters and beat him there.

  12. I’ve not seen Crawford fight any notable welterweight. Khan and his glass chin? Horn didn’t even REALLY win against Pacquiao
    Crawford is a slow starter, undisciplined and talks so much crap… all three which favors Pacquiao. It’ll be another Thurman-esque fight. Crawford has been dropped before and I’m positive Pacquiao can drop him too. Pacquiao’s true test will come after Crawford makes his adjustments to Manny’s style, power and speed.

  13. Hope the fight will happen. Both fighter’s are gifted..and both Champs! May the best man wins.

  14. Manny is a legend an we are all blessed to see him climb in the ring. All the legends are gone but Manny. I’m a Roberto Duran fan. Manny reminds me of him. You cannot count him out ever! Manny in 9. Knock out!!!

    • manny pacman pacquiao he is maine filipino boxer because i have so many tee shirt of him that why i really like him to beat that crawford in june .

  15. Pacman knows better than anybody else about this fight! After all, he’s the one fighting inside the ring! So, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

  16. Everybody’s in title to an opinion, but if you don’t have any knowledge of what you saying it’s just an option. I believe it’s gonna be a great fight and believe manny will pull it off. Especially if he can withstand crawford’s power pacquiao will outpoint him. Just my opinion!!!

  17. 3rd ROUND KNOCK OUTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

    GOOD 🌃😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂

    • Champ Crowford is a good fighter,the old man some people say is the legend 8 division.i think Many will end the fight in the last minute of 7 round Let’s ask our self who is better the Champ or the Ledgent???

  18. when Terence Crawford finishes Manny Pacquiao he would be ready for the senior citizen home,
    He damn sure won’t be counting anymore this is boxing real boxing not too cute to get hit Boxing. Terrace needs not no one, they need him, coach Cheese Brooklyn

  19. Very good question about this fight ,they are both good in the ring,but Pacman well have more’s gonna be a good fight……

  20. Well, same people thought Thurman will schooled pacman and guess what after the fight they lost and disappointment. Manny is a different animal, at 42yo his speed, power and footwork are like of those 30’s yo fighters. Atlas is a classic one sided analyst.

  21. Pacquiao is like the Brucelee of boxing and he’s going to prove to the world once again that he is the King Of The Ring.

  22. Teddy atlas is right it’s time for pacquiao to retire I am Filipino but Crawford is different it’s time to hang up ur gloves Manny Paqiao u deserve the best but think about it’s not the money it’s ur own safety focus on politics boxing is enough

  23. Mr. Atlas you have been wrong so many times about your prediction on pacman fight……pls. shut the f*****k up… pacman will surprise the world.

  24. Anonymous that is your opinion and you have your right to it but I think you are wrong if Pacman fights Crawford he better bring his lunch and a newspaper cause he is going to be in for a long night

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