Could A Terence Crawford vs Gervonta Davis Fight Happen?

By James Slater - 03/17/2023 - Comments

“Tank” Davis Says “Crawford Is Going To Sleep” If They Do Fight!

Gervonta Davis has his next big fight all set and ready to go, and it is, as we know, a potential thriller by way of Tank’s April 22 fight with the likewise unbeaten Ryan Garcia. But the man who is arguably the best (or the best-ranked) pound-for-pound fighter on the planet, Terence Crawford, does not have his next fight set, and certainly, “Bud” has no massive fight in his immediate future (although some of us are still hoping for that undisputed clash with Errol Spence).

This is of course a problem. As good, as special, as great as Crawford is, he is STILL waiting for his career-defining fight and win. Davis has an idea: why don’t he and Crawford fight? Speaking recently with Fight Hype, Davis said that if he and Crawford did fight, he would put Crawford to sleep.

“At 147? I tap that chin and you know he’s going to sleep, he got no chance, round 6,” Davis said of a potential fight between he and Crawford.

Hype? A major case of BS? Meaningless trash-talk? Or could this fight actually happen one day? Tank is fighting Garcia at a catch-weight of 136, and at a fraction below 5’6” as he stands, is it possible, and realistic, that he could move up to welterweight? Hey, we’ve seen far more seemingly crazy match ups go down over the years.

Crawford, 39-0(30) not surprisingly shot down Tank’s big words, with him pretty much advising Davis to stay in his lane.

“When you look at all the great fighters, they get called out by everybody from different weight classes. So it’s nothing that I’m surprised about,” the reigning WBO welterweight champ said in also speaking with Fight Hype. “Everybody says what they’re going to do, but Tank is in his weight class for a reason. I don’t see him coming up to 147 to face me any time soon.”

But what if Tank did move up any time soon?

Supposing Davis, 28-0(26) takes out Garcia, and in devastating fashion – why not make the move to 147? Davis won his first title at super featherweight. Crawford won his first title at lightweight. Maybe it’s not all that far off that these two southpaws do actually fight one another one day? Again, why not? Davis sees himself winning the fight, while Crawford, as special as he is, is in need (as amazingly as it may be) of a star dance partner.

Who else is Crawford going to fight next, and before he retires – Alexis Rocha? No disrespect, but who is excited by that possible fight? Unless Crawford gets busy fighting some of the young studs currently starving hungry as they look for their chance at 147, then he should fight Davis – IF Davis beats Garcia.

What do you guys think? Crawford-Davis – buy or sell!