Canelo Says Bivol Rematch Will Be At 175 Pounds

03/17/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

Not too long after his upset loss to Dmitry Bivol, this in a fight that saw him go for further light heavyweight glory, there was plenty of suggestion that the rematch Canelo Alvarez said right away he wanted would perhaps be fought down at 168 pounds, this a more natural and comfortable weight for the Mexican superstar.

Some fans sneered at this, stating how the rematch being fought at super middleweight would serve to make Bivol somewhat drained and therefore beatable. But now, to his credit, Canelo has said the return fight will be fought at light heavyweight, at 175 pounds, the same as fight-one.

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Speaking with Fight Hub TV, Canelo said the following:

“Yes [175 pounds]. It will be the same terms. Because I feel like I need to do it in those terms.”

Again, credit to Canelo for doing the right thing, the fair and honest thing. The risky thing. Canelo has his critics, for sure, but any critic out there will find it tough to find anything to moan and groan about here. Canelo is once again going to try and defeat a superb light heavyweight at light heavyweight. A second loss could well prove devastating for Canelo, yet here he is, looking for that no excuses rematch.

The fight is of course not a signed deal yet. Canelo, coming off wrist surgery that followed his trilogy fight win over bitter rival Gennady Golovkin, will face Britain’s John Ryder in a Mexican homecoming on May 6. And while Canelo will of course enter the ring with Ryder as a huge favourite to win, Ryder insists he is nobody’s tune-up.

But assuming Canelo does get the win in the fight that will take place over the big Cinco de Mayo celebrations, it will be Bivol-Canelo II after that. And, unless he has a change of heart, Canelo will once again make the move up to the light heavyweight division.

Who wins this rematch? Will it be repeat or revenge? And will Bivol take a fight in the meantime himself, and if so, who against?

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