Christmas Boxing Quiz

12/26/2015 - By James Slater - Comments

Here on Boxing Day, test your pugilistic knowledge with this boxing quiz!

Category One – Quotes:

1: Which former 1950’s world heavyweight champion once said “I ain’t old, I’m just ugly.”

2: Which former three-weight ruler said, after winning the WBC middleweight title, “I didn’t have time to bleed!”

3: Which former heavyweight king said, upon making a comeback after a decade out of action, “Why am I coming back? I can spell it. M-O-N-E-Y!”

4: Which fellow promoter once said this of Bob Arum, “I’ll shake hands with Arum, but I’ll take my ring off first”

5: Which former WBA heavyweight champ said this after his losing fight with an unbeaten Mike Tyson “Sure I fought to survive, wouldn’t you?”

6: Which former lightweight, welterweight, light-middleweight and middleweight ruler once said, “I’m not God but I am something similar.”

Category Two – Knockdowns.

1: Name all the pro fighters credited with knocking down George Foreman?

2: Up to today, who suffered more knockdowns in his career: Floyd Patterson or Wladimir Klitschko?

3: Who was the last fighter to officially knock down Muhammad Ali?

4: Name the only man credited with knocking down Marvin Hagler?

5: How many knockdowns were there in the entire Ali-Frazier series?

6: How many times as a pro did Carl Froch get knocked down, and by whom?

Category Three – Age.

1: Name the youngest world champion in boxing history?

2: How old was Erik Morales when he had his pro debut?

3: Who is the oldest living former world heavyweight champion?

4: How old is the WBO world governing body?

5: How old was the great Larry Holmes when he fought his final pro bout and who was his opponent?

6: At what official age did Sonny Liston die?

Category Four – Boxing Movies.

1: How many real-life world heavyweight champions have appeared in the “Rocky” films and name them?

2: Which real-life corner man makes a small cameo as Jim Braddock’s corner-man in “Cinderella Man?”

3: Which film that starred movie legends Marlon Brando, Richard Burton and James Coburn also featured boxing immortal Sugar Ray Robinson?

4: Who played Joe Frazier in the Michael Mann film “Ali?”

5: Who played Muhammad Ali in the 1977 film “The Greatest?”

6: Which legendary multi-weight champion played himself in “The Fighter?”

Answers below:



(answers to category one: Jersey Joe Walcott. Iran Barkley. George Foreman. Mickey Duff. James “Bonecrusher” Smith. Roberto Duran.)

(answers to category two: Muhammad Ali, Ron Lyle, Jimmy Young. Floyd Patterson, with 20 knockdowns suffered. Chuck Wepner. Juan Domingo
Roldan. One. Twice, by Jermain Taylor and by George Groves.)

(answers to category three: Wilfred Benitez. 16. Muhammad Ali. 26 years old. 52 against Butterbean. aged 38.)

(answers to category four: Three: Joe Frazier, Tommy Morrison, Mike Tyson. Angelo Dundee. “Candy.” James Toney. Ali himself. “Sugar” Ray