Chris Arreola says Joshua is too civilized to beat Fury

Chris Arreola believes that Anthony Joshua has become too civilized to defeat Tyson Fury in their fight in June. The former two-time world title challenger Arreola (38-6-1, 33 KOs) sees Joshua (24-1, 22 KOs) as having tasted too much of the good life after eight as a professional.

With a net worth of $80 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, you can understand why Arreola would believe the 31-year-old Joshua lacks the hunger that you see from fighters that aren’t sitting on a massive fortune.

Nevertheless, Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) is wealthy too, and the way he allows his physical condition to erode in between fights is truly alarming. It’s easy to believe that the 32-year-old Fury’s head isn’t into the game the way he’ll need to be for him to have a good shot at beating Joshua.

The huge fortune that Joshua has amassed during his short career doesn’t seem to have impacted his skills, though, as he clearly likes competing. Unlike some fighters, Joshua doesn’t sit around, eating, drinking, and gaining weight in between fights.

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Additionally, he’s not buying fancy cars, huge mansions, and jewelry in an attempt to impress his admirers.

“Fury, because he has more dog in him. And to me, you got to have some dog in you, you know what I mean?” said former two-time heavyweight world title challenger Chris Arreola to ESNEWS.

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“Once you become civilized, like in Rocky, once you get too used to, f**, the good life and not wanting to get off those silk sheets, it’s a little hard, man,” said Arreola.

Arreola’s theory about success wrecking fighters is a sound one, but not in the case of Joshua. He’s cut from a different set of cloth from the average fighter that strikes it rich overnight.

He’s not going to back off from his training, especially now that he’s about to face arguably the toughest test of his career.

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It is disturbing how the popular fighters’ careers go downhill quickly when they start making huge money, but this is not just in boxing. It’s in every sport.

Again, Joshua is immune to this problem, and it’s not likely to be a factor going into his first fight with Fury. If anything, Fury is the one that may have more of a problem with money, causing him to lose his edge.

“After Joshua gets up off the canvas, he will knock the Gypsy out,” said Bernard Hopkins to ESNEWS in making a prediction in favor of AJ over Tyson. “Joshua in the 11th round.”

That’s a good prediction by Bernard Hopkins, but it’s unlikely that Fury will drop Joshua in the fight. Fury isn’t that big of a puncher for him to put Joshua down.

Anthony Joshua, Chris Arreola, Tyson Fury - Boxing News

You can argue that the reason Fury gave Deontay Wilder problems was his massive 40-pound weight advantage and his well-placed punches to the back of his head early.

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Fury won’t have a big weight advantage over Joshua, and it’s unclear if he’ll be able to hurt him with rabbit punches the way he did with Wilder.

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  1. Deontay Wilder exercised the option to rematch fury before it’s expiration date .
    The rematch has not happened yet through no fault of Deontay Wilder .
    This rematch clause is valid .
    Judge Stanley Allen Bastian rules in this arbitration law suit .

  2. The olympic standard testing will be inforced .
    The good old days of floppity floppity gloves flipping and flopping around all over the place are over .
    You may as well give up tyson , quit , vacate the belt . You never were the true champion Deontay Wilder is , your just not going enough .
    Egg weight sticking out of the left glove and no padding in the right glove . Get out of here with that life endangerment and public safety hazard .
    Go on , git , vámonos , comprendes ?

  3. Deontay Wilder activated the rematch clause before the expiration date . This rematch clause is valid . Deontay Wilder has no culpability , no fault of Deontay Wilders .

  4. Now he is running scared .
    Crying like a baby ” , waaaaaa waaaaaa I want to fight anybody else but Deontay Wilder , waaaaaa ! ”
    Hanging on to his hat , running towards the nearest exit , wawa waaaaaa me no wanna right Deontay Wilder waaaaaa ! “

  5. fury cheated with floppy gloves and paying off referee’s , eggweight loaded gloves , padding removal and horse hair repositioning . Bare knuckles clearly visible fingers imprinted on the gloves .
    Flippity floppity gloves flipping and flopping around all over the place .

  6. The deadline for the WBC belt defense has expired . fury has dropped the belt again .
    The WBC belt is striped requiring an elimination bout between Deontay Wilder and the mandatory.

  7. The WBC ordered paperwork for mandatory title defense , the belt must be defended by the 12 month deadline .
    The WBC orders Deontay Wilder vs fury 3 ” , is set in stone . ” Said the WBC spokesman .

  8. Irs been over a year and the WBC hasn’t received any paperwork for the mandatory title defense . After a year , it’s required to strip the belt from the inactive offender .

  9. That’s why the photos of fury doing the Nazi hand gesture were largely suppressed along with others photos of egg weight sticking out of the left glove .

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  11. fury should just go ahead and retire like he did after cheating klitschko refusing to rematch and steroids .

  12. a . j . and fury will not ever fight .
    Why ? Judge Stanley Allen Bastian will uphold the rematch clause and fury will no longer have a belt .
    Why would a . j . Want to fight fury with out a belt ?

  13. Not to mention all the gambling losses from the fixed fight , it has probably billion .
    And just stand there watching them do that .

  14. These rules in boxing must be inforced for both fighters . If steroids and enhancement drugs are allowed , they should be allowed for both combatants .
    If one doesn’t want to compete under the influence of steroids , then the rules must be outlined in detail before the event .
    30 rabbit punches in one round ?
    Egg weight sticking out of the left glove and no padding in furys right glove ?
    Hopped up on cocaine and steroid use , bribery and drugging of the opponents ?
    Shutting off the cameras ?
    These ass holes need to be held accountable as their phoney god apparently can’t see .
    The WBC sponsored fury .
    Maricio Suliaman president of the WBC owns the company that makes the tampered gloves . Where are the gloves and why weren’t they confiscated as in other fights .
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  15. Fury will win for sure he proves every time why he’s the best heavyweight in the world, Joshua got beat by Ruiz and if Ruiz didn’t put weight on he would of beat AJ again and when he’s was get hurt by the older man (Pulev) he went animalistic on him to win the fight, so quite frankly I don’t see how Joshua is gonna beat Tyson fury.

  16. Deontay Wilder has a valid rematch clause in his contact . Judge Stanley Allen Bastian will uphold it in arbitration .
    So don’t listen to the criminal racists that have long since besmirched the boxing establishment .
    fury should be fined , stripped of the WBC belt and imprisoned .
    He should be prosecuted for endangering Deontay Wilders life and injuring the true champion with loaded gloves .
    fury always was very bad for boxing ,in the UK they know , that’s why they suspended his license permanently .
    All of this hype and promotion is smoke and mirrors to distract you from these facts . Watch and see a.j. and fury won’t happen .
    Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question .

  17. Made a mistake: Fury won by an injury to the small 43 yr old and it was Fury who got floored by Cunningham.

  18. Eagerly awaited, the problem is for Fury, as stated, is he lets himself go in between fights, look at him swimming in his home town. Fury is definitely the better boxer and ring craftsman but will he be in shape, time will tell, he has all the attributes to defeat AJ but will he be in such a condition to pull it off, intriguing.!
    I’m just excited that the scrap has now come to fruition and I can’t wait, but I won’t be putting any money on the outcome, too close to call.!

    • To win the belts originally, Fury beat a fighter (W K) who couldn’t pull the trigger on his right hand. And. .he matches up well with Wilder..that’s all. Wilder has no skills. I saw Wilder getting beat easily by a small black 43 year old fighter who got injured late in the bout, making Fury the winner. Also, Wilder was dropped by a small cruiser weight (Cunningham). Wilder is nothing but a big FAT BUM! Wait and see; he will be knocked out by AJ!

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