Charlo-Trout and Santa Cruz-Mares II Weigh-In Results

WBA Featherweight World Championship

Leo Santa Cruz – 125 ¼ lbs
Abner Mares – 125 ½ lbs.

Referee: Thomas Taylor (Newport Beach, Calif.); Judges: Reynante Danseco (California), Zachary Young (California), Steve Weisfeld (New Jersey)

(Photo credit: Credit Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME)

WBC Super Welterweight World Championship

Jermell Charlo – 154 lbs.
Austin Trout – 154 lbs.

Referee: Jack Reiss (Oxnard, Calif.); Judges: Tom Carusone (Connecticut), Eddie Hernandez Sr. (California), Fernando Villarreal (California).


LEO SANTA CRUZ: “I always fight for the fans. If I lose, I know I came and gave a great fight for the fans, because that’s what I care most about. I want them to go home happy.

“For me this is not personal. We’re both the best, and we want to prove who is the best and who is No. 1 and who is the best from L.A. There’s no disrespect. Mares is a great guy and a good person; it’s just business. We have to do this.

“I have to be smart. It’s not going to be easy. I have to make it a war and go out there and trade punches… We’ll see what happens.”

ABNER MARES: “I let the emotions get the best of me in the first fight, but I have more experience now than three years ago and I’m a more mature fighter, and I’m going to show that come tomorrow night.

“I have to give a good show; there’s no way I’m going to give a bad show. That’s the type of style I bring, and I’m ready for this. Leo’s ready, I’m ready, and it is now just time to show the world that we have reunited and we are both ready to go.”

JERMELL CHARLO: “He says I’m little, but you know I’ll be big tomorrow. My brother just told me, ‘Do what you do.’ Mell and Mall. That’s all.”

AUSTIN TROUT: “I just told him I was ready; he knows we’ve been working and it’s time to go. There’s really not that much talking going on. I’m going to go in there and put on the action.

“Size doesn’t matter. You know, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. We both hit 154 on the button. Head to head. Nose to nose. I’ll push around the bigger guys; I’m ready for this guy. I’m ready for this little guy.

“I’ve felt a sense of urgency my entire career, even when I was undefeated I felt like I can’t lose a fight so I’ve felt that urgency my whole career and that my back’s to the wall and this is what we have to do for every fight.”

Prediction? “My hand’s raised!”

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