Canelo turning Golovkin into a VILLAIN for the promotion of third fight

06/27/2022 - By Michael Collins - Comments

Canelo Alvarez turned Gennadiy Golovkin into the villain for the kickoff press conference for their September 17th on DAZN pay-per-view.

Canelo (57-2-2, 39 KOs) repeatedly told the media during the press conference that Golovkin is a two-faced person and NOT a nice guy when you get behind his fake nice-guy false front that he puts up.

It makes the promotion interesting, with Canelo bad-mouthing the usually good guy Golovkin, turning him into the bad guy for this latest theatrical episode.

In the first two fights between them, Canelo was viewed as the bad guy in the eyes of some fans, especially with the controversial decisions in both of those contests.

“He talk I’m not a good fighter, I’m not the best, I’m horrible and a lot of things,’ said Canelo Alvarez to K.O Artist Sports about why he has bad blood with Gennadiy Golovkin now.

“Here he’s now, ‘He’s a good fighter. I have a lot of respect,'” said Canelo about how Golovkin has suddenly started praising him now that he’s in his presence at the press conference.

Golovkin’s decision not to speak English & joke with the media was a self-defeating move by him. When Golovkin used to talk with fans & the media in the past in his broken English, he was entertaining.

Golovkin has abandoned giving interviews in English since his loss to Canelo in 2018, which feeds the perception that some have that he’s bitter and still hasn’t gotten over his defeat if Golovkin is holding a grudge about his loss.

That’s not a good look and doesn’t go with the good guy image that GGG once had. Well-balanced people are expected to roll with the punches in life and take their losses without bitterness.

Golovkin using an interpreter during interviews gives some fans the belief that he’s using that to hide, so he doesn’t have to face questions directly. He lives in Los Angeles, whereas Canelo lives in Mexico.

But instead of Golovkin conducting interviews without an interpreter, it’s Canelo doing it, and it helps him let the fans know who he is, and they like him more now than ever before. It doesn’t matter that Canelo just lost to Dmitry Bivol.

“Be you, don’t pretend to be another person. No, because I’m excited, and I’m really angry,” said Canelo when asked why he got close to Golovkin during their face-off last Friday at their kickoff press conference in Los Angeles.

“No,” said Canelo when asked if he’s ever been this angry in the past for one of his fights. “I’m going to train like a beast. A little more.

“Yeah, we’re going to use everything,” said Canelo when asked if he’s going to attack Golovkin to the body after being told that Ryota Murata hurt him with body shots in their fight last April.

“When I use everything he brings me to do, I’m going to bring everything. I like that because it’s going to be like two trains, and then we’re going to see who’s the best,” said Canelo when Golovkin’s trainer Johnathon Banks said that GGG would be the one coming forward in the trilogy match.

“Yeah, I use it for my benefit,” Canelo said when told that he seemed angry during the press conference.

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