Canelo Alvarez has right to dictate who he wants to fight – Abel Sanchez

By Rob Smith - 12/13/2023 - Comments

David Benavidez hasn’t earned the fight with the superstar Canelo Alvarez yet, and the trash-talking that he’s been doing is making it less likely that he’ll get the opportunity, says trainer Abel Sanchez.

Coach Sanchez states that undisputed super middleweight Canelo (60-2-2, 39 KOs) is the one calling the shots, and Benavidez needs to back off and focus on calling out Jermall Charlo.

Abel says that in Canelo’s mind, he’s giving his opponents gifts because of the huge money they get facing him, and he’s not going to want to give a gift to someone who’s bad-mouthing him the way Benavidez (28-0, 24 KOs) has been doing.

Benavidez has taken the wrong approach from day one to try and get a fight with Canelo. Instead of praising Canelo or, better yet, keeping his mouth shut, Benavidez has been demanding the fight.

Canelo has earned his right to choose his dance partners, and the pushy WBC interim champion Benavidz will have to continue waiting for his opportunity. Going to the WBC to get them to pressure Canelo won’t work because he’ll vacate if they attempt to force his hand.

Benavidez hasn’t earned it

“It’s not. David [Benavidez] hasn’t earned it,” said Abel Sanchez to Fight Hub TV about his view that David Benavidez hasn’t earned a fight against Canelo Alvarez yet. “David has to earn it, and by talking and saying all these things, he’s getting further away from it.

“Instead of talking about Canelo, talk about [Jermall] Charlo. Talk about Charlo fighting in May, ‘because we want to take the May date away from you, Canelo.’ Talk like that instead of bad-mouthing Canelo, who Canelo can really dictate.”

It probably won’t work for Benavidez to call out Jermall because he’s one of the three fighters that Canelo is said to be considering for his fight next May.

Instead of wasting energy demanding a fight with Jermall, Benavidez should accept the offer from David Morrell Jr as long as he feels confident of winning.

“Do the things that are going to get you closer to that fight. Do to Charlo that you did to [Demetrius] Andrade,” Sanchez continued about Benavidez needing to earn the Canelo fight. “Now, I’m on David’s side because now he’s proven to this fan, anyway, that he deserves a shot at Canelo.

“I think it goes a lot further than saying let him strip him of the because the belt doesn’t really matter. They stripped David of his [WBC 168-lb] belt when he had his issues. Did that matter? No, he’s still a rising star.”

The things that Benavidez can do to get Canelo fight:

  • Stop barking
  • Face David Morrell
  • Move up to 175 and take on champions
  • Focus on increasing social media presence

Canelo’s gift giving

“It’s your ability inside the ring. We’re going to watch because of the kind of performance and the kind of entertainment that you give us. That belt is a trinket. I know they’re important, but that belt isn’t why we’re watching. We’re watching because of the entertainment that you give us.

“I hope it’s [Jaime] Munguia, and I hope Benavidez fights [Jermall] Charlo,” said Sanchez when asked who he wants Canelo to fight in May. “Absolutely, but David hasn’t earned it,” said Sanchez on Benavidez being a better fight for Canelo than Munguia would.

If Benavidez wants the Canelo fight, he must wait and work his way to the spot by beating the killers in front of him, starting with Morrell. Canelo isn’t going to give him any handouts because he’s lost whatever chances he had due to his incessant yapping. The charity that Canelo might have shown is not happening at this point.

“Munguia hasn’t either, but he [Canelo] has to fight somebody,” said Sanchez. “Have him [Benavidez] earn it. Canelo has a chance right now to give Benavidez a gift. He has a chance to give Ryder a gift. He has a chance to give a lot of guys a gift.

“When David is talking like he’s talking, he doesn’t deserve a gift. In Canelo’s mind, he’s giving these guys a gift because I don’t think he feels like they’re on the same level as he is. I don’t think that he thinks they can beat him.

“When you have a guy talking the way David is talking, ‘why am I going to give him anything? Why am I going to give these guys a payday?’ That’s what these guys are looking for a payday.”

Benavidez needs to stop begging the King, asking him for charity, because it’s not going to happen. ‘The Mexican Monster’ needs to pretend Canelo doesn’t exist and that he’s on his own, trying to create his own path towards greatness in the same way he did. Begging the king for a handout won’t work.

“That’s why the older Charlo [Jermall] didn’t fight as many fights as he should have. He was waiting for Canelo. He was waiting for Golovkin. He was waiting for that big payday,” said Sanchez.

“I’m glad Munguia is having this fight against Ryder because I want to see him have one or two fights before a big fight. I want to see him have one or two fights with Freddie [Roach] in his corner. He’s going to be a better fighter because of that,” said Sanchez.

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