Can David Benavidez Knock Out Canelo Alvarez?

By James Slater - 11/27/2023 - Comments

The question asked in the above headline is not one asked lightly, or disrespectfully. And the question, ‘can Benavidez KO Canelo?’ could be looked at in a couple of different ways; as in, can Benavidez KO Canelo in the ring if they fight, and/or can Benavidez KO Canelo as the star, the face, of boxing by defeating him?

Benavidez has wanted a fight with superstar Canelo for so long, while we fans have been warming to it. Well, we are now burning for it. In short, this fight, this match up, is one that guarantees action, excitement, drama – perhaps a slugfest to absolutely marvel over. But back to the most basic terms of the question, can Benavidez, if he gets the fight he craves, do what no man has ever been capable of doing, and that’s render Canelo unconscious?

Some fighters, the great ones, they are, to come up with a word, ‘unknockoutable.’ They are battle proof in terms of being able to take any and all punches that come from any and all fighters they meet in the ring. Maybe Canelo will go down as one of these concrete, bulletproof fighters. Let’s face it, Canelo’s chin has thwarted anything the following fighters, some of them far more accomplished than Benavidez, were able to hit it with: Shane Mosley (albeit a faded version), Alfredo Angulo, James Kirkland, Miguel Cotto, Gennady Golovkin (X3), Sergey Kovalev, Callum Smith.

Yeah, it’s fair to say, Canelo has shown a most reliable chin during his now 60-2-2 pro career. But Benavidez would argue, in fact, he HAS argued, how Canelo has never met any fighter quite like him yet. And, we must face it, at this stage of their respective careers, there is no bigger danger opponent for Canelo than “The Mexican Monster.”

This one, if it happens, will be a fight that will see both men put their greatness on the line – defending it in Canelo’s case, earning the distinction in the case of the red-hot, starving hungry Benavidez. If the fight happens, would Canelo put Benavidez in his place, reminding him how he, Canelo, is the top dog? Or would Benavidez end Canelo’s run, in what would be the latest changing of the guard?

With some fighters, it’s almost impossible to picture them laid out on the canvas, knocked out. Right now, Canelo is one such fighter. But David Benavidez has that grit in his teeth, he wants it – and he fully believes he is capable of delivering it: 2024’s KO of the Year.

Does 26 year old Benavidez take out 33 year old Canelo if he fights him? And in more ways than one? We need to see the fight, we need our answers, and we need them soon.

Last Updated on 11/27/2023