Brandon Rios’s Fire Is Burning Hot

By Vitali Shaposhnikov - 10/23/2013 - Comments

PacRios_LetterheadBoxing has a very diverse collection of characters willing to speak their mind, letting the boxing fans as well as the media know exactly what they think about the state of affairs around them. Brandon Rios has dedicated his time and efforts to progress in the sport of boxing, and he sure has gone far. With an impressive record of (31-1-1) with a 70% knockout rate, his only loss came in March of this year, when Rios had lost a close unanimous decision to Mike Alvarado.

Rios has a big heart and his commitment inside the ring is unquestioned. Still, most of the boxing community has already decided that Rios will add yet another loss to his record when he faces Manny Pacquiao on November 23, 2013. Some say that Pacquiao has too much experience in the ring, and will use it to adjust to Rios and his style. Others argue that because Rios prefers to brawl rather than box, he will simply be weaker and slower than Pacquaio come fight night.

Truth be told, both of the above mentioned arguments make perfect sense. Pacquiao’s freight train power and his impressive hand speed are certainly a rarity, and unless facing a strategic and technical opponent (aka. Marque), Pacquiao would probably be the favorite, and in his top form would dominate.

Brandon Rios happens to disagree with everyone, suggesting that he is not your typical handpicked opponent: “That’s good; he should be worried about him (Eduardo Garcia). But not only him, but he should be worried about me. Pacquiao is fighting me and he’s not fighting no f***** joke. Everybody thinks that I’m a pushover, I’m a punching bag, I’m a tune-up fight. I ain’t nobody’s tune-up fight and if Freddie Roach thinks that, he’s got something else coming to him. I’m going to show the world, man. I don’t know what else to say,” stated Rios in a recent interview with

The opportunity of elevating his career to an entirely new level, and opening a door to great high profile fights, is right around the corner to Brandon Rios. A victory over Pacquiao would sling Rois into a new territory with a lot more dollar signs all attached to it. A victory over Pacquiao would give him even more confidence than is always pouring out of him. A victory over Pacquiao would give him the bragging rights. A victory over Pacquiao would put the ball in his court, giving him the right to choose his next preferred opponent.

A victory over an inspired and driven Pacquiao will be the hardest, nearly impossible victory that Brandon Rios will ever have to attempt to earn.

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