BoMac Confesses: ‘The Gun Was Forgotten in There Since May’

By Amy A Kaplan - 10/16/2023 - Comments

Oh, BoMac! From training champs to… airport shenanigans? Brian “BoMac” McIntyre, potentially swiping the 2023 Boxing Coach of the Year award (if he doesn’t get sidetracked by other… ‘activities’), recently added a bit of spice to his CV. Yup, after guiding Chris Eubank Jr to triumphantly put Liam Smith in his place, BoMac decided to up the ante by strolling into Manchester airport with a gun in his bag. Not the souvenir we’d choose, but hey, to each his own.

Following this exciting episode, BoMac had a rendezvous with the law, leading to his guilty plea over the gun charges. Result? A fancy twenty-month suspended sentence. Go big or go home, right BoMac?

BoMac, in his never-ending saga of “Did I really just do that?”, broke his silence during an ESPN+ telecast of the latest Top Rank card.

BoMac was at this Top Rank event for a reason.  He’s in the corner coaching the Davis brothers, Kelvin and Keyshawn, during their fights. Kelvin scored a win earlier, and now all eyes are on Keyshawn, the 2020 Olympic silver medalist doing his thing in the ring.

“Look here, people,” McIntyre blurted to ESPN’s Mark Kriegel, “I had a firearm in my luggage at the airport.”

Ah, those pesky firearms, always sneaking into luggage! The 53-year-old  was held from September 3rd to October 9th. This was his first public appearance post this little ‘incident’.

Giving his best innocent-puppy look, BoMac elaborated, “Seriously, an honest mistake! Forgot the darn thing was in there. It’s been there since, like, May when we kicked off camp with Terence [Crawford].”

McIntyre, probably hoping to shift the focus, added, “It’s a legit firearm, folks.”

From his tone, it seems this was a genuine blunder, and our dear ‘BoMac’ is very keen on leaving this incident in the past.

So, lesson learned? Always check your bags for any ‘forgotten’ items. And always pack your luggage yourself.

And if you’re a top-contender boxing coach, maybe just stick to coaching.

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