Bill Haney: Ryan Garcia Fight is Personal, But Raises Questions

By Tim Compton - 03/23/2024 - Comments

Bill Haney, the dad of WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney, is adamant that nothing will stop Dev’s fight against Ryan Garcia from taking place on April 20th as planned. He says Ryan Garcia will pay for the things he’s said about Devin.

As Bill points out, they did a lot of work to get this match against Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs), and they’re not letting anyone stop it from taking place.

It’s a fight in which the 25-year-old Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) will likely receive a career-high payday, and he’s got a good shot at winning, especially if Ryan is mentally deteriorating or not focused due to his numerous social causes.

No Backing Down

“It’s up there with air and water,” said Bill to Fight Hub TV when asked if a win for his son, Devin, over Ryan Garcia will be the most gratifying for him. “This need to get a win over Ryan Garcia. We want it bad.”

It’s too bad Bill Haney doesn’t feel the same interest in Devin fighting some of the talented fighters. like Shakur Stevenson, Subriel Matias and Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis. The fact that Bill wants Ryan badly has opportunist written all over it.

“We’re going to go home, take a break, and figure out what’s next. But right now, we’re just really high-strung and wound up about this fight against Ryan Garcia,” said Bill. “We can’t see anything else but Ryan Garcia right now.

Devin’s Growth

“Two times better if that’s imaginable. When was that fight, December the 9th?” said Bill when asked if Devin has improved. “Two be two times better right now. The fans will get a chance to see. It’ll be a pleasure to see the growth of Devin on April 20th.”

You can’t tell for sure if Devin has gotten better since moving up to 140 because he only fought once against 35-year-old Regis Prograis, who had arguably been beaten by Danielito Zorrilla in his previous fight. Zorrilla, who is a second-tier fighter, did a better job against Prograis than Haney, butlost a controversial decision.

“Nothing is stopping this fight. Ryan Garcia, he’s the same individual. He’s culpable and culpable of all. It’ll be a sweet, sweet spot for me the things that he said and he did, and he will pay for it on April 20th, and no one is going to stop that,” said Bill about the fight with Ryan still happening.

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