Bill Haney brushes off Boots Ennis suggestion, demands Tank Davis fight

By Tim Compton - 12/10/2023 - Comments

Bill Haney reacted with annoyance today after learning that Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis’ coach Kenny Ennis wants Devin Haney to face IBF welterweight champion Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis next if he chooses to move up to 147 after beating WBC 140-lb champion Regis Prograis last Saturday night.

The riled-up Bill Haneys views Boots Ennis as a diversionary tactic by Tank Davis’ coach to help the ‘Face of Boxing’ swerve a fight with Devin.

Despite Boots being highly respected and seen as the future of the 147-lb division, Bill Haney feels that Gervonta is the fighter Devin needs to cement his spot as a top name and a star in the sport.

Bill made it clear by repeatedly saying that Devin is now “Available” for a fight following his win over Prograis, and he likes the idea of a fight between them being staged in Saudi Arabia. However, he’s not sure Tank would be free to travel to that country without speaking to his probation officer.

Bill says that he sees it as a weak move on Tank Davis’ team’s part for them to suggest that Haney fight Boots Ennis (31-0, 28 KOs).

That would be the logical choice for Haney to take if he wants to become a massive star in the sport and not be seen as a guy known for beating two old guys, Prograis and Vasily Lomachenko, and defeating a weak, vulnerable champion, George Kambosos Jr.

Of course, Devin brought up the possibility of him moving up to 147 in his next fight, so it makes sense for him to face IBF welterweight champion Boots if he’s as good as he, Bill, and his team think he is.

It would look soft on Haney’s part if he chose another old guy to fight like we saw him do last Saturday by selecting 35-year-old Regis Prograis rather than IBF 140-lb champion Subriel Matias or WBO champ Teofimo Lopez for him to fight for world title.

Boots Ennis is NOT the guy Bill wants next for Devin (31-0, 15 KOs), as he only wants Tank Davis. However, Bill Haney isn’t saying if Devin is prepared to return to the 135-lb division to make that fight happen, as there’s little chance that Tank will move up to 140 or agree to a catchweight.

Bill Haney ONLY wants Tank for Devin next, not Boots Ennis

“You got a question about Tank? No one wants to say nothing because we’re available now. F*** all that other s***. I want to see who is going to mention Tank other than us?” said Bill Haney to the media last Saturday night after Devin Haney’s victory over WBC light welterweight champion Regis Prograis at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

It would be better for Bill to start looking in another direction for Devin’s next fight, preferably not another older fighter, because it’s pretty obvious that he’s been selecting old guys for Dev instead of fighters in their prime.

There’s been a lot of talk about Haney moving up to 147 to fight 35-year-old Keith Thurman, a guy who is the same age as Devin’s last two opponents.

“Where you at, Tank, because guess what? We’re free and you at? We don’t got not fight, so what’s going to happen?” said Bill. “Tank, Tank, Tank. Stop me from saying his name. Punch me in the mouth because I’m going to keep saying that Tank don’t want to fight Devin.

Bill sounds as obsessed with Tank Davis as David Benavidez does with Canelo Alvarez, and it could be a waste of time to make himself and Devin so desperate to the point of begging for the fight.

“It’s safe to say we’re available. We’re available to make the biggest and the best fights happen,” said Bill about his son Haney. “If they don’t got the money, we got it. Didn’t you hear Eddie [Hearn] just say that the opponent makes the most money with us?

“It can be 10 million, 20 million, or 100 million. You going to make the most money fighting Devin. Man, would that not be big?” said Bill when asked about his thoughts on Haney fighting Tank Davis in Saudi Arabia.

“He’s got to talk to his probation officer. How can the ‘Face of Boxing’ not go across the street and can’t go across the country? He can’t travel, he can’t fly, or all that? How can you be the ‘Face of Boxing’ if you can only fight in the United States?

“Don’t doubt him, crown him. Devin has made all the right moves inside the ring and outside the ring. Guess what? I’m on their [Tank Davis] a** because we don’t got a fight right now,” said Bill.

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