Big words from Wilder, Stiverne ahead of rematch: “I’ll retire if I lose,” says Wilder, “No-one can knock me out,” declares Stiverne

With the fight, a rematch that will take place almost three years after their first encounter, just days away, both Deontay Wilder and Bermane Stiverne have their game-face very much on.

This much was evident during a recent teleconference call to further hype the November 4 rematch between the two that will contest Wilder’s WBC heavyweight crown (Stiverne of course being the man Wilder defeated to take the title back in January of 2015). Both men came across as somewhat irritable, Stiverne especially (Stiverne said he really doesn’t want to talk to anyone until after the fight; sure as he is that he will “get asked a whole lot of different questions after November 4”) and both punchers seem ready to rumble.

Stiverne, annoyed over constantly being peppered with questions about the first fight he had with Wilder – Stiverne saying he was “sick” during the fight he lost via wide 12 round decision – vowed that no man can or ever will knock him out. “No-one can ever knock me out. It’s not happening,” the former champ stated forcefully. These words could come back to haunt Stiverne after November 4 has come and gone.

Then again, Wilder also made a very bold statement: that he will retire if Stiverne beats him. “You can put that down,” Wilder said. “If I lose to Stiverne, I will retire. You won’t have to hear from me no more (the teleconference was recorded by FightHype).”

Wilder must be absolutely brimming with confidence to come out with such a statement. Or maybe the unbeaten champion is just incredibly frustrated over not being able to land the big, defining fights, the testing fights, he wants. Wilder touched on this in the teleconference, basically saying that if he cannot get to fight the best, then why continue in the sport?

Wilder shouldn’t lose to Stiverne next month, but far bigger upsets have taken place over the years. So which fighter will be eating his words come November 4/5 – Wilder or Stiverne? Perhaps neither man will be doing so, as Wilder will indeed win the rematch but on points. Has Wilder improved enough to be able to KO Stiverne this time? Has Stiverne aged/deteriorated sufficiently enough for “The Bronze Bomber” to be able to score his 38th stoppage win?

Or will we see a repeat of the first fight, as some experts have predicted will be the case?