Arum: There Are Two Guys Out There That Would Complete Crawford’s Legacy; One Is Spence The Other Is Taylor

Who will welterweight champ Terence Crawford fight next? In the opinion of most everybody, Crawford, perfect at 38-0, is THE man at 147 right now. In fact, Errol Spence and his supporters aside, no one but “Bud” can claim with a straight face that they are the best on the planet at welterweight. A Crawford Vs. Spence showdown is a fight we have wanted for quite some time, and we want it even more now.

After his great win over Shawn Porter in a great fight that was full of both tension and drama, Crawford is hotter than ever, this at age 34. But if it’s not Spence next, who could it be? Bob Arum, who may no longer call the shots as far as Crawford’s career goes – the three-weight champ declaring himself a free agent, not renewing his contract with Top Rank – says there are two fights out there Crawford needs in terms of completing his legacy: Spence and unified 140-pound champ Josh Taylor. Arum said that he and Crawford still have a relationship and that he will offer him “the best possible fights.”

Taylor has been saying for some time that a fight with Crawford would be a dream come true for him, and that he is looking at making the move up to 147 after his mandatory defence against Jack Catterall (this one another fight that was postponed here in a casualty-filled 2021). These are two big fights, two potentially great fights, and Arum says Crawford needs them both to complete his career.

“There are really two guys out there that would make for a completion of his legacy; one is Spence and the other is Taylor,” Arum said when speaking with IFL TV. “ Spence would be the good fight, or Josh Taylor. Josh Taylor in the UK would be an absolute smash. Why not [the UK]? Crawford doesn’t care. If there’s a huge amount of money to go over to the UK and fight Taylor why wouldn’t he take it?”

Again, two great fights, both of which we fans would be more than willing to pay to see. Crawford’s future and what he does next and over the coming months is one hot topic. Crawford has also spoken about the possibility of going up to 154 pounds, but Arum is bang-on correct when it comes to the two sizzlers that are out there for Crawford.

Does Crawford beat both Spence and Taylor, and in convincing fashion? As great as he looked in becoming the first man to stop Porter (retiring him from the sport in the process) who would bet against it?