Amir Khan, Kell Brook And The Fight To Get Knocked Out By Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao, a superstar, all-time great who has seen better days but is still a formidable proposition for almost any welterweight on the planet. Amir Khan and Kell Brook, two big names in British boxing, both former world titlists who have been looking at their peak years in the rear-view mirror for some time now. There is now a nasty squabble going on between Khan and Brook, two rivals who seemingly have a very real and unhealthy dislike for one another, over who gets to a “super fight” with Pacquiao first.

In short, who gets knocked out by Pacquiao. Because, as shaky as he looked last Saturday against low-level contender/high class journeyman Samuel Vargas, Khan, who struggled to make 147 for his second comeback fight, has almost no chance of being able to take Pacquiao’s still-lethal bombs. As for Brook, can he even make 147 these days, and if he did manage to do so (remember, even back when he was IBF champ, Brook told us all how it “killed him” to get down to welter) what would he have left to fight Pac-Man with?

Brook really wants to fight Khan, yet Khan, for the past few years now, has not played ball. Now, in an ‘I’ll spoil your party’ type of move, Brook is saying he’ll get to Pacquiao before Khan does and snatch the dream fight away from the man he so despises. And Brook might just do it, by taking the fight for far less money than Khan would likely ask for.

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Pacquiao is looking at a December fight, and his dance partner could well be either Khan or Brook. In an ideal world, though, the southpaw dynamo (who, against a perfect foe in Lucas Matthysse, looked pretty dynamic last time out) would leave Brook and Khan well alone and look for a far more formidable and deserving welterweight opponent for his next fight.

Khan and Brook should take the only realistic big fight they have left, and fight each other while they still can do so for big money. Let’s see these two finally settle their big differences and then get out. Even at this late stage in his own career, Pacquiao would hurt either man. And bad.