Alfredo Angulo Stops Jeremiah Riggs In Brutal And Short BKFC War

By James Slater - 04/28/2024 - Comments

A bare-knuckle fight/war took place last night in Los Angeles and the fight footage has gone absolutely viral. And with good reason. Former WBO interim champ at 154 pounds, Alfredo Angulo, engaged in his bare-knuckle debut, this against Jeremiah Riggs, the fight taking place on the KnuckleMania 4 event, and what a short, X-rated war the fight proved to be.

Photo by Phil Lambert

In fact, the sheer, relentless violence seen in the opening round has got some fans calling the action a “bare-knuckle Hagler-Hearns round one!”

It was astonishing to see. Angulo, AKA “El Perro,” was welcomed to his new sport in a quite stunning manner, this as Riggs jumped right on him. The two men slugged it out in the middle of the ring, with Riggs taking turns holding Angulo’s hair with one hand and banging away with the other. Angulo fired back with brutal shots of his own and the crowd was in a state of frenzy, as you may well be, fellow fight fan, if you check out the footage of the fight.

The two traded with utterly bad intentions, neither man stopping for a second. Then, with Angulo’s shots becoming more accurate, the Mexican warrior, now aged 41, crashed home with a massive right hand to the head that sent Riggs down heavily. Riggs tried his best but he was unable to get up before the count of 10. It was over after 92 hellish seconds and it has to rank as one of the most savage, thrilling and wild fights you will ever see. It is to be hoped both guys were paid a decent amount of cash for their efforts. They both deserve it.

Angulo, if his hands, not to mention his head and body, can take it, may well have a whole new successful career to look forward to. Angulo showed real power in there last night, along with fighting heart and the ability to take a heck of a shot; a bare-knuckle shot.

Angulo thrilled us in his boxing career, with him having fun fights with the likes of James Kirkland, Joel Julio, Gabriel Rosado, while he also fought Canelo Alvarez in a memorable, if one-sided affair. Now, Angulo, always a fan-favourite, can be assured his bare-knuckle debut will have earned him some more fans.

Check out the simply incredible fight between Angulo and Riggs now!