A Tale of Two Boxers

There is nothing new on the demand for the fight but a demand again. It had been rightly concluded that a fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather will garner the highest revenue in boxing history. It would also be a showdown between the current best offensive fighter and best defensive fighter. That should make the boxers and the promoters concerned to make the fight happen. What keeps them from doing so?

Before each others fighting style, Pacquiao’s rags-to-riches story is not that far different from Mayweather’s. Their fighting style however different, one offensive and the other defensive, are exciting to watch. Their personality which is in contrast with each other just adds up excitement to their possible match.

Pacquiao’s offense, a combination of speed, power and iron chin (except in the case of Marquez knock out), is unlike that of Maidana’s or Matthysse’ but somewhat contains the excitement of a Tyson offense-impetuous.

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Setting the physical wear and tear aside, what is noticeable with Pacquiao is that after his fight with Margarito, his competitiveness seems to have faded. With a lesser competitiveness, an athlete’s performance will not be at its best and often results to a disappointing show. The theory is that only Mayweather may reignite Pacquiao’s hunger to win like his old winning ways and reawaken his competitiveness.

Mayweather’s defense on the otherhand is unparalleled. His quickness in dodging punches and making counter punches is what makes him exciting to watch. More importantly, his dedication to his craft and competitiveness in the sport looks stable throughout his career.

With such an accomplishment by both boxers, they have their uncompromisable pride. That is what keeps them from making a doable bargain. Each one is proud of their accomplishment in boxing that makes them think they need not fight each other to secure their respective legacies. They have a point. But we hope that they would not disregard the fact that an overwhelming demand for the fight exist in the market.