27 Years Ago Today: “Big George’s” Miracle Win Over Moorer; A Knockout That Never Gets Old

One of the greatest, one of the most awe-inspiring moments in all of boxing took place in Las Vegas on this day back in 1994. Fight fans the world over loved “Big” George Foreman then, and they love him today. Michael Moorer, the defending WBA/IBF heavyweight champ (who had made some history of his own, this by becoming the first southpaw heavyweight champ ever with his upset win over common opponent Evander Holyfield) must have felt quite unloved as the crowd settled in for the fight that was dubbed “One For The Ages.”

Foreman, who knew he was getting his third and final chance at regaining the heavyweight crown (if you count his WBO title challenge of Tommy Morrison), had whipped his 45 year old body into fantastic shape and, with Angelo Dundee assisting him, and with Foreman wearing the trunks he wore when he fell to the one and only Muhammad Ali all those years before, the stage was set. Foreman was giving away almost 20 years in age and some people felt Foreman would have trouble with Moorer’s southpaw stance.

But Foreman liked the way Moorer – who felt he could score the dramatic KO – was willing to stand in front of him, in harm’s way. Moorer, not listening to trainer Teddy Atlas (who had had a brief spat with Foreman in the run-up to the fight; Teddy shoving George, who told Atlas to “go get me a sandwich and sit down!”) let Foreman in. And after losing so many rounds and being behind on all cards, Foreman struck. Moorer was in touching range and Foreman, reaching back in time, conjured up the power of his younger days and blasted Moorer’s less than granite chin with a sledgehammer of a right hand.

Moorer toppled over, almost in slow-motion. “It happened!” bellowed Jim Lampley, as a bloody-mouthed Moorer failed to rise, his eyes looking clear (indeed, after the fight, some fans felt Moorer had taken a dive; some even writing into the boxing magazines of the day expressing their belief – talk about trying to take a great fighter’s great moment away from him). Foreman knelt in prayer in a corner. Roy Foreman fainted right there in the ring. Maybe some fans collapsed in sheer amazement themselves.

It was a magic moment, an historic moment. Foreman’s come-from-behind KO of Moorer is a knockout that never gets old. Watch the KO today and you still get a buzz, a thrill. If only Foreman had retired right then and there. Now a two-time king and a man who had made good on his goal, Foreman had nothing else to prove.

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  1. Yeah rocky marciano. Tyson, evander holyfield. Lewis, listen, Ali. Big George. These were the gods of boxing.
    Better than the modern era I think.

  2. Now you’re crowing from the rooftops bragging about fury being the heavyweight champion. That phoney baloney belt holder cheated in every fight of his career and he damned sure cheated in every championship fight if his career. He’s your fraudulent winner, not the people’s champion. We know when someone’s lying to us.

    • No wonder you’re hiding under the “anonymous” tag. Making unproven allegations like that is a good reason to hide. Fury has beaten all comers in the ring and the world saw it live. Come out from hiding in your basement and be a man, be honest, and state your true name.

    • The current Shrek look a like ogre interloping foreign intruder, who is a chronic fraud cheats everywhere and all of the WBC board of directors know that. The British boxing board of control suspended permanently fury’s boxing license for doing exactly what they premeditatedly approved for my country. Laughable gloves padding removal, you certainly are audatiously presenting your story poker face and all.
      Keep your drinking and drugging under control, ha ha ha ha ha.

  3. We’ve seen Maricio Suliaman president of the WBC, fury’s sponsor and owner of the company that custom build the gloves for fury step in the ring and condensate the gloves for examination for much less in other fights. But in Deontay Wilders case Maricio Suliaman said that it would be,” STUPID !” Stupid to investigate the allogations of glove tampering in Deontay Wilders case.

  4. The Deontay Wilder vs Fury proves nothing except that Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question. It’s proof that fury can do anything and do everything to win by cheating tactics, openly, overtly, covertly conspiratorially, unlawfully and no matter what, whether it is fixing the fight, spiking water holding neck wrenching tripping rabbit punching bribing referee’s and judges and judges, have Ricky hatten pulling down the left eggweight loaded glove, repositioning advantage of the horse hair gloves shutting of camera’s failing the drug test, fighting while high on enhancers and steroids cocaine crank and never ever no matter what he does over and over again be subject to opening an investigation.

    • Wilder! The best of all time? Are you serious? Are you nuts? Listen dude…
      wilder has the worst “footwork” of any fighter i’ve ever seen! He’s absolutely hopeless on his feet! No wonder he can’t jab! Without footwork, you can’t jab, can’t duck & weave, can’t do nothing except…land the occasional lucky bomb! Well that ain’t gonna cut it all the time. Best of all time? Gimme a break!

  5. Proof that the old school version of the sweet science can beat all the new nonsense. The only thing that gives current day heavyweights any edge is science of medicine and training. The Wilder vs Fury fight proved that. They looked sloppy, they both were tired and winded by round 4. Many people thought it was a good fight only because they really haven’t seen a great bout since the 90’s. Think either Fury or Wilder could have survived 12 round with Tyson in his prime? Hate to see my favorite sport get so stale

    • To unstale the division check fury’s cheating and force these phony fraudulent belt holders to fight Deontay Wilders and Luis Ortiz s of the world within the Queensbury rules of boxing. Corrupt actions and criminal actions permmiate the WBC and pro boxing for sure.

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