Josh Taylor calls Teofimo a “Little rat” posing with belts next to Canelo

11/07/2021 - By Jeff Sorby - Comments

Unbeaten four-belt light welterweight champion Josh Taylor was disgusted at watching Teofimo Lopez get in the spotlight to try and pass himself off as an undisputed 135-lb champion alongside Canelo Alvarez after he became the undisputed 168-lb champion last Saturday night after beating Caleb Plant.

While Canelo (57-1-2, 39 KOs) was on stage posing with his four belts, Teofimo joined with his four lightweight titles to pose alongside him. To Taylor, who is the 140-lb undisputed champion, he was disgusted at the sight of Teofimo masquerading as a four-belt undisputed champion.

Taylor saw Teofimo as trying to fool the public into thinking he’s an undisputed champion when in reality, he holds 3 titles and the Franchise belt, which is an honorary strap the WBC created a couple of years ago.

For Teofimo to become the undisputed lightweight champion, he would need to beat WBC champion Devin Haney. Those two could potentially fight in 2022.

If it does happen and Teofimo wins the fight, he’ll only briefly be the undisputed champion because he’s expected to move up to 140 on a permanent basis immediately after. He’s outgrown the 135-lb division.

Taylor trashes Teofimo for masquerading as the undisputed champion

“That little Rat Teofimo parading in on Canelo’s [spotlight] with his Mickey Mouse WBC Face with tears of joy What a f****ing brass neck. Embarrassing! The guy is so desperate it’s unreal. There are only two undisputed champs with ALL the belts. FACT! Thank you, goodnight,” said Josh Taylor.

“He’s an absolute clown,” said Josh Taylor to iFL TV about Teofimo. “Saying I’m scared. Why would I be scared to fight him? If the fight happens, I’ll happily slap him and bring him back down to earth, but right now he’s not on my radar.

“It’s a fact that he’s not undisputed,” said Taylor said of Teofimo. The WBC belt belongs to Devin Haney, he’s got the belt. How can you have three of the belts and the Franchise belt and call yourself undisputed champion when you haven’t fought for the undisputed title?

“So it’s a fact that he’s not the undisputed champion, and stop calling himself the undisputed champion because he’s f***** embarrassing himself.

Josh Taylor calls Teofimo a "Little rat" posing with belts next to Canelo

“I do believe if Lomachenko had started a little quicker and had been fully fit like we just been talking about with injuries and stuff, maybe it would have been a different result. I believe if Lomachenko had been fully fit, he would have won that fight,” said Taylor.

Teofimo will be his IBF, WBA & WBO lightweight titles against George Kambosos Jr on November 27th on DAZN.

“I’ve got other things I’m thinking about doing. I want to be two-weight world champion myself. I want to move up to 147 and fight your Crawfords and Spences and make history myself. He’s going about it the wrong way. He’s a f**** idiot.

“If he was speaking that way and he was here, I would slap him so hard that his mustache would hit the tarmac. I would definitely b*** slap him because he’s acting like a b*** and he’s acting like a complete clown,” said Taylor about Teofimo.

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24 thoughts on “Josh Taylor calls Teofimo a “Little rat” posing with belts next to Canelo”

  1. I think Josh could have toned it down but I guess he felt really passionate bout this. As far as him being afraid to say it face to face, I seriously doubt that.

  2. Josh will get his real soon. To you non-spanish speaking fools. Canelo invited him on stage!

  3. In my opinion if a fighter has taken belts from all champions in his weight class and worked hard for belts and fights 4 times a year, he has earned respect, unfortunately some when lose have 3 straps and then lose so canelo has earned and worked hard for his belts

  4. Lol…” Say it to his face,” the man said.😂🤣😭. Like Lopez is a heavyweight. Teo only weighs 135 pounds. That’s not a tough task at all. What would the lil guy do?

  5. Teofimo is a champion anyway besides there’s way too many titles in each division, there could be three chumps champion and really one real champion. Or should I say paper champions. Besides there should be one champion for each division anyway. All division should unified, fight each other instead of fighting taxi-drivers or shot fighters.

    • I wouldn’t even bother bringing up the Jake Paul subject. He’s a novice pro. Why mention him in the same sentence as Canelo?

  6. Lopez is a clout chasing douche of the highest order. The guy beats Loma and he thinks he’s a God now and hasn’t faced anyone worth a sht since. Won’t fight Loma again because he knows what will happen.

    • We all know what will happen. Lopez is too big, too strong and hits too hard for Lomachenko. Almost stopped him in the final round. In a rematch, Lopez would stop him. He’s a budding superstar. Lomachenko is just the past.

    • This Bama haven’t fought anyone since
      He Keith Thurman jr…
      A nonfighting champion..
      All talk…can’t wait till GTD get @ him!

  7. I agree with Josh teo is not undisputed. He needs to let the real undisputed champ have his moment. Teo could have been fought haney for all the belts but he runs his mouth and keeps flying south because he knows he can’t beat haney that was proven when they sparred so josh is right he’s undisputed champion teo is a wanna be clown

    • And Canelo undisputed. Maybe if he could beat GGG fare and square he’d get my respect

  8. Isn’t easy being a champ of different types organizations,.. my respects two both fighters is there time to shine,..

  9. totally agree …. undisputed is fighting for all the belts … lopez a great fighter but hasnt beaten haney …. josh taylor a monster at 140 and beaten all the other champs …. thats undisputed👊

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