Jake Paul talks KSI, McGregor and Ryan Garcia

Fresh off his devasting second-round knockout win over NBA star Nate Robinson last Saturday night, YouTuber Jake Paul says he’s interested in big fights against KSI, Conor McGregor, and some of the UFC fighters.

Jake Paul, 23, says he views himself as more as a professional boxer now than a Youtuber. He’s dedicated the last six months to training and improving his game in boxing.

The cruiserweight Paul turned pro last January, and he’s already 2-0 with two brutal early knockouts of Robinson and Ali Eson Gib.

What we saw in those two fights is a guy with an innate ability for the sport, and devastating puncher power.

Jake Paul talks KSI, McGregor and Ryan Garcia

Unlike his brother Logan Paul, Jake has real talent, and he’s someone that likes he could have a future in the sport.

Jake Paul wants KSI & McGregor

“I’m more of a professional boxer now than anything else,” said Jake Paul to the AK & Barak Show. “I dedicated the last six months to this fight [against Nate Robinson], and for future fights as well. This is the first of many.

I’m a pro boxer more than anything. That’s what 100 million people saw last Saturday. I got to showcase my skills to the world, and it’s an amazing feeling to win in a violent fashion.

Jake Paul talks KSI, McGregor and Ryan Garcia

“I want to take out KSI, but Conor McGregor is going to get it eventually,” Paul said. “A lot of people think that’s a joke. No other fighter is calling him out with this big of a platform.

“I have the skills to take him out. I’m sparring with people that have sparred with him before.

“We’re on the same level from a boxing standpoint. Out talent gap is less than Floyd Mayweather’s and his were. The fight just makes sense,” said Jake Paul.

It would be interesting to see a fight between Jake and Conor McGregor if they could agree on the weight.

Right now, Jake looks too powerful and skilled for McGregor, who doesn’t have the same raw ability inside the squared circle. Jake looks like a guy that was born to be a boxer.

Is KSI afraid of Jake Paul?

“I think KSI, that’s the fight that everyone wants to see next,” Jake said when asked who does he want to fight the most right now.

“It’s been pending for three years now. I want that one to happen, but we’ll see. I think he’s legitimately scared of me, and he’s going to get his a** beat, and he doesn’t want that.

“He wants to stay victorious. He beat my brother. So it doesn’t make sense for him to get in the ring because he’s undefeated, and he knows going up against me, it’s going to be a very, very difficult fight for him,” said Jake.

Jake Paul talks KSI, McGregor and Ryan Garcia

A fight between Jake and KSI is a natural one to be made, as it would attract a lot of attention on social. Also, it has that revenge aspect to it, given that KSI beat Jake’s brother Logan last year.

Whether KSI is afraid of Jake Paul or not is unclear. If he’s not afraid, he should be after what Paul did to Robinson last Saturday. It’s easy to imagine Jake doing the same to KSI, and maybe even quicker.

Most boxing fans would agree that the referee gave Robinson a long count in the first round after he was dropped hard from a right hand. Jake believes that Robinson was given 20 seconds by the referee to get back up.

Paul destroyed Nate Robinson

“Me and my team were sending a prayer up,” Jake Paul said when asked what his reaction was to his knockout of Nate Robinson.

“It’s scary because you never want to see that. Boxing is a brutal sport, but it is a sport, so you’ve got to respect your opponent after you’ve won.

“We’ll see what happens,” Jake said when asked if he wants to move up the rankings. “I want to prove everyone wrong.

“There’s been a lot of people talking from the MMA world, and a lot of YouTubers talking. So we’ll see what happens, but it has to make sense.

YouTube video

“It has to be a big fight and a big name. I don’t want to do any small fights. I want every time I fight to be moving, electric, and for it to shut down the Internet,” said Paul.

Jake has got a lot of options for interesting fights, but it would be better for him to focus on guys from combat sports like boxing or MMA.

It’s not fair for Jake to be taking on basketball players, who haven’t had the training that he’s had.

Jake wants to fights UFC fighters in boxing matches

“Canelo is the greatest boxer ever now,” Paul said when asked if he wants to fight Canelo Alvarez. “That wouldn’t be smart.

“That’s why I want to go up against these UFC fighters and bring them into the boxing ring until my skill level develops. In the past three years, I believe it’s crazy.

“Who knows what three years from now looks like. Maybe then I can fight Canelo. But right now, I’m good enough to take on these UFC fighters in the boxing ring.

“I would meet him, we would have to figure it out,” Jake Paul said when asked what weight he would fight Conor McGregor. “I cut weight to 189 for this fight, but I would definitely have to cut more. Probably the highest I could actually get is 180,” said Paul.

Jake Paul talks KSI, McGregor and Ryan Garcia

It’s doubtful that McGregor will agree to a fight against Paul, as he still has hopes of getting a fight against Manny Pacquiao and a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

A fight between McGregor and Jake Paul won’t bring in the massive money tat a fight between Jake and Pacquiao or Mayweather.

Jake talks Ryan Garcia

“Ryan [Garcia] and I are cool,” Jake said. “We got carried away with some drama, but we quashed everything. I think it’s going to be Ryan’s most challenging fight to date.

“Luke Campbell is a great opponent, he’s an Olympian,” Paul said in commenting on Ryan Garcia’s January 2nd fight against Campbell.

“Ryan is going to have to really step up to the plate, but Ryan is so fast and powerful that he’ll get that knockout in the later rounds.

Jake Paul talks KSI, McGregor and Ryan Garcia

“He hits incredibly hard for his size. The snappiness and accuracy. I think it comes down to the accuracy with Ryan’s punches and the speed with all that. He’s a real sharpshooter.

Ryan Garcia and Luke Campbell are mixing it up on January 2nd. If Ryan wins, he could face Gervonta Davis or Teofimo Lopez after that.

Ryan Garcia will be a bigger star than Canelo

“100 percent,” Jake Paul said when asked if Ryan Garcia will be bigger than Canelo Alvarez. “This is the new wave of boxing with people who have a giant social media following.

“So Ryan is keyed up to be a bigger star than Canelo. In the social media world, he already is. He has more followers than Canelo, more buzz than Canelo on social media.

“In the boxing world, he just has to catch up, but the future is very bright. He just has to win his big fights coming up.

Jake Paul talks KSI, McGregor and Ryan Garcia

“He has to prove himself and take out Luke Campbell, and Gervonta Davis after that, and then he’s going to be a superstar,” said Paul.

If Ryan Garcia beats Campbell, Gervonta Davis, and Teofimo Lopez in consecutive fights, he’s going to be a huge new star.