Amir Khan: ‘Canelo BEATS Mayweather today’

By Tim Compton - 04/24/2020 - Comments

Amir Khan is confident that if Floyd Mayweather Jr. came out of retirement today to fight Canelo Alvarez, he would lose to him now. Khan maintains that Canelo (53-1-2, 36 KOs) has matured as a fighter and a different beast altogether than the one that Mayweather SCHOOLED in 2013 in beating him by a one-sided 12 round majority decision.

The only rounds that Canelo won in that fight were mercy rounds in which Mayweather backed off after dominating the three-quarters of the contest.

Assuming that Canelo, 29, can meltdown to face the 43-year-old Mayweather at a catchweight of 150-pounds, you can’t rule out another one-sided victory for ‘Money.’ Canelo’s fighting style, as a counter-puncher, is too one-dimensional for highly skilled talent like Mayweather.

Canelo is made to order for Mayweather, and he always will be. There are guys that Canelo is a problem for but not Mayweather. He knows how to pick apart counter punchers, and that’s Canelo’s whole game. He’s not good at coming forward, and he never will be.

With Canelo’s glacially slow feet and his need for his opponents to be stationary for him to land, even now, Mayweather beats the brakes off of the famous Mexican fighter.

“Canelo is a beast. Even if Mayweather came back and took a rematch with him, I think he would beat Mayweather,” said Khan to Sky Sports News. “Canelo has matured as a fighter and is a better fighter than when I fought him. He is a great fighter now.

“I am a mobile fighter, so it obviously suited me, but eventually, he [Canelo] found his range and caught me with a good shot. He was working out how to stop me and break me down, and obviously, I was beating him on points, but maybe he was just waiting for that one big shot,” said Khan.

Some of the points Khan makes gives the impression that he doesn’t have a clue. People naturally assume that Mayweather, who hasn’t had a serious fight since 2015, would be too old, too ring rusty and too small for the hulking Canelo.

We just saw Canelo bulk up to 175 to take the WBO light heavyweight strap from an over-the-hill Sergey Kovalev on November 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

All that muscle would be stripped off by Canelo for him to take on Mayweather at 150, and that’s not going to help the Mexican star against the more naturally athletic ‘Money.’

I hate to say it, but Mayweather schools Canelo even now. The way Canelo fights today would be easy for Mayweather to solve, just like the last time they fought. Canelo is a one-dimensional counter-puncher, who sits and waits to counter his opponents.

The fact that the guys that Canelo has competed against in the last seven years didn’t bother following Mayweather’s blueprint in how to beat him is troubling.

In fairness to Austin Trout, Gennadiy Golovkin, and Erislandy Lara, they did a decent job of using Mayweather’s blueprint against Canelo. The only problem is the judges didn’t give them the win. A lot of boxing fans had Canelo losing to all three of those fighters, including the rematch against GGG.

Canelo couldn’t land his body shots against Mayweather, as blocked them all, and forced him to try and target his head. When Canelo tried that, Mayweather picked him off with short punches the entire fight. It was embarrassing how overmatched Canelo was against Mayweather. That’s not going to go away now, especially considering that Canelo is using a significantly watered-down version of Mayweather’s fighting style.

Mayweather could beat Canelo just standing on the outside and hitting him with blazing fast single shots, and cleaning away when he attempts to counter him with his left hook. Although Canelo is a good counter puncher, he’s ineffective when his opponents throw single shots and then away to avoid his counter shots.

There’s a couple of ways to beat a counter puncher. You hit them with single shots or overwhelm them with punches and force them into a brawl where their countering ability breaks apart. Mayweather chose to pick Canelo apart, and it worked beautifully.

The way that Mayweather looks now in his recent workout, he beats Canelo just as bad as he did in 2013. As long as the judging is fair, Canelo would take another loss to Mayweather and wind up being schooled again.

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Last Updated on 04/26/2020