Hughie Fury – A Reflection Of His Cousin?

Hughie Fury, Tyson Fury - Boxing News

There has been a lot of talk over the last few days about the best current heavyweight boxer and who that may be. Some think it’s Joshua, whilst others champion the causes of Wilder and Parker. Some still think that Tyson Fury is still the king of heavyweight boxing even with his “issues” and having been out of the ring for the last two years.

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Has The British Heavyweight Title Lost Its Appeal??

Gary Cornish, Sam Sexton - Boxing News

Too much rolling of eyes, this notice was, (amongst others), posted on the BBBoC site a few days back –

British Heavyweight Title Fight – SAM SEXTON v GARY CORNISH

The Stewards decided to put out the above contest to purse bids to be submitted in accordance with the Terms and Conditions attached to the Board’s Head Office by 12:00noon on Wednesday, 8th March 2017, the contest to take place by the end of June 2017.

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My Thoughts On David Price’s Future

Christian Hammer, David Price - Boxing News

David Price fell victim to his 4th pro defeat on Saturday night against Christian Hammer. Hammer was down in the 5th, yet sadly the almost 20 stone Price couldn’t make the most of that and “gassed”, so that Hammer was able to stop him on his feet in the 7th round. Price was visibly finished, so much so, that he really struggled to get up off his stool in the corner, a good 3 – 4 minutes after the fight.

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Tony Bellew Vs Marco Huck – Who Would Win?

Marco Huck, Tony Bellew - Boxing News

Bellew isn’t the man at cruiserweight despite what he thinks..

Bellew seems to think Marco Huck is “Captain Birdseye” as opposed to his moniker of “Käpt’n”. Little ironic from Bellew who has the moniker of “Bomber”, and is always talking about his power.

A stoppage record of 58% doesn’t show me or anyone else, a record for somebody with power or a title “Bomber”, to think otherwise is pure fantasy.

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