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Roach and Alex Ariza Make Pacquiao vs. Rios a Personal Affair, Adding Fuel To The Fight

By now, most boxing fans have already heard of, or seen the video where Freddie Roach gets kicked by Alex Ariza in the midst of Roach arguing with multiple members of camp Rios over gym time.

The scuffle was aggressive in nature, with not only name calling, but race as well as Roach’s Parkinson’s disease used as verbal weapons. Alex Ariza went farther than most would, not only kicking Freddie Roach but also mimicking his speech stutter.

Roach and Ariza never worked together in harmony, and their professional relationship also ended in a bad fashion. Words were said, and there was an abundance of finger-pointing coming from both sides.

Them clashing was simply inevitable, and when a better time than right before a crowd in China, less than a week before Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios finally face each other in the ring.

Like it or not, this fight is now personal. Maybe for Rios and Pacquiao this is just another fight, but the significance of victory has skyrocketed for Roach and Ariza.

It is entirely possible that Freddie Roach will now want Pacquiao to approach the victory in a different fashion, possibly persuading Manny to fight more aggressively than they had initially planned. Same is feasible for team Rios, as Brandon’s trainer Robert Garcia was also involved in the verbal exchange during the gym time “discussion”.

This happening has certainly added fuel to the fight, and fans love the room that it gave them for further discussion and prediction of the fight.

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