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Pacquiao to Roach: “Are Those The Guys That Made Fun Of You? That’s All I Need To Know”

roach73When Freddie Roach and Alex Ariza got into a scuffle, it was evident that this fight, at least the competitive angle of it, is going to change its course. Verbal back and forth is always a part of boxing, its marketing and hype. Nevertheless when Alex Ariza kicked Freddie Roach and made fun of his Parkinson’s, he signed his respect away, and boxing fans are unlikely to give it back anytime soon.

Roach was also out of line, and is now being dubbed a racist for saying a few things that are certainly worthy of such a title. But knowing Roach and Wild Card, it seems very unlikely that it was anything but the heat of the moment that made him say what he did, as his gym is probably the most international one of them all.

Ariza and Roach used to be coworkers, then transitioned into competitors fighting for Pacquiao’s approval, and now, they have finally reached the status of enemies. One thing Manny Pacquiao will not tolerate is anyone making fun of, or hurting his long time coach and one of his most treasured friends.

Below is a statement made by Freddie Roach after Pacquiao was informed of the insulting behavior from camp Rios towards Freddie:

“(Pacquiao) said to me, ‘Are those the guys that made fun of you?’ and I said yes, and he said, ‘That’s all I need to know,’ and he walked away. He told me he’s going to take care of this guy quickly. What (Ariza) doesn’t realize is that Manny hits me 10 times harder every day. It was like a girl kicking me,” Roach said.

It seem as though we are to expect Manny Pacquiao to come out at first bell and start throwing everything in his arsenal, which despite being an offensive fighter, he rarely does. I do believe that Manny is upset about the way Roach’s disease was humored, and even more so about his former employee Alex Ariza kicking his coach before a fight.

Is Pacquiao’s statement something that team Rios should take very seriously and worry about, or disregard?

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