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Mayweather shows Khan, Maidana and Pacquiao in tweets

In what could be a sign that that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is still undecided about who he plans on fighting on May 3rd, he posted 3 tweets today showing himself fighting Amir Khan, Manny Pacquiao and Marcos Maidana, and writing captions that showed how little he thought of them as potential opponents for him. As you can see from Mayweather’s caption, he feels that Maidana would be little more than a side order for him to beat. As for Khan, Mayweather sees himself knocking him out.

If Mayweather truly sees Manny Pacquiao as little more than Juan Marquez’s leftovers, then it’s probably not realistic that he’ll decide to fight him. Mayweather mainly chooses opponents that he has some kind of respect for, and it doesn’t look like he’s got a great deal of respect for Pacquiao. In labeling Pacquiao as little more than one of Marquez’s leftovers, Mayweather is basically saying that he’s not worth much to fight. That’s not to say wants to fight Marquez, because he probably doesn’t after the way he whipped him back in 2009. But Mayweather definitely doesn’t seem impressed with Pacquiao now that he’s been knocked out by Marquez and beaten by Tim Bradley.

Maidana was someone that Mayweather himself mentioned recently as someone that he might fight. Maidana raised his stock this month by defeating Adrien Broner, the fighter that patterns his fighting style after Mayweather. For no other reason, a fight between Mayweather and Maidana would be interesting just to see what Mayweather could do to a fighter who gave Broner such a bad beating. It would be Mayweather’s revenge fight for his buddy Broner, and I’m sure Golden Boy Promotions and Showtime would have a good time playing up that angle in selling the fight.

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