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Final Press Conference: THE ONE – Mayweather vs. Canelo

IMG_6361The final press conference for The One took place on Wednesday 09/11/2013 at the MGM Grand’s KA Theatre. Fighters, promoters, sponsors and trainers were present to provide last words leading up to the mega fight happening this weekend.

It was a special day today not just because of the final press conference, but because of the 12th anniversary of one of the most tragic days in U.S. history. Richard Schaefer took the time to recognize such a day in U.S. history before directing attention to the conference.

Schaefer shed some light on some of numbers in regards to sales for this event. Both domestic and international preliminary figures show strong momentum. Could this event break the pay-per-view sales record?

Golden Boy Promotions certainly thinks so.

All fighters and trainers remained professional as all projected an aura of victory. Both camps claim to have endured long and efficient training camps. Here are some notable quotes and visuals from the final press conference.

The One is almost here. The final press conference for the undercard fighters of The One will take place on Thursday.

More coverage to come…


“Update from Australia. The all-time pay-per-view record for Australia will be broken, which brings us to the grand daddy of them all. Early indications are off the charts.”

“The domestics that we’re getting: there’s nothing to compare it to.”

“We know we have something special when we have celebrities calling to purchase tickets.”


“Good afternoon. We’re happy to be here. I appreciate the presence of all mediums.”

“Ever since this fight was signed, a lot has been talked about, a lot has been commented about and there’s a reason for that: this is a historic fight.”

“I feel the time for talking is all over. It’s time to demonstrate. On Saturday, we are going to demonstrate that Saul is the best Pound for Pound.”


“As a Mexican, one always goes out to demonstrate that it can be done. September 14th, that’s how you’ll be seeing it. We’ve prepared very well and we will leave with our hand raised. We will show that Mexican boxing is number one.”


“First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for all the support you’ve given us.”

“We’re very happy. We had a great preparation. We feel great. Ready for Saturday. We’re just waiting for the day. Ready to win like always. We prepared like never before.”

“Happy for my team for being with me ever since I started. We’ve prepared hard because the fight requires it. You can be sure that on Saturday we will win.”


“This has been a wonderful promotion thus far. This is going to be a great event. The fans are going to be the winners.”


“First off, I want to thank God because without God, none of this would’ve been possible.”

“Training camp. We had a beautiful training camp. The All Access Team was remarkable. The young champions that helped me get ready. I appreciate you guys.”

“I’ve been here before so I know what it takes. I’ve got a guy 42-0. He hasn’t faced 42 Floyd Mayweathers. He would be 0-42. So, I don’t worry about who he has faced.”

“Whatever any fighter can do, I can do great. I was born to be here, I was born to be at this level. I’m at the pinnacle. The face of boxing. I’m dedicated to my craft.”

“It took hard work, dedication, prayers and belief and a good team.”

“It don’t stop right now. September 14th is just another stepping stone, just another opponent for me. But he knows he’s facing Floyd Mayweather. I’m just facing another opponent.”

“It doesn’t matter what’s the game plan. If the game plan is to keep pressuring, I know how to handle that. If the game plan is to box, can’t no body outbox me. You have to be able to outmatch me mentally. I’m the strongest mental fighter in the sport of boxing.

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