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Malik Scott: “Malik “King” Scott is the Best Skilled Heavyweight on the Planet Bar None and I Believe Vitali’s Time is Up and I Have No Problem Putting Him Out His Misery”

Exclusive interview by Charles C. White

Well Malik, I won’t ask you how you’re doing after your recent draw with Glazkov as I think most will agree that you were robbed of a seemingly clear cut victory. Give us your thoughts on this poor decision my friend?

MS: It is what it is bro…shit happens in boxing the same way it does in life…the judges saw it the way they saw it and that’s that. As long as the fans and my family saw it I’m perfectly fine with that…the milk is spilled and I’m extremely too blessed and too talented to cry over it.

What do you think was the key factor in your ability to dictate the fight against Glazkov?

MS: Well it was one main thing…and that was I just was myself. Glazkov is a good fighter and I believe his future is still a bright one but he’s just not in the same league as me, period!

Any news on a rematch as of yet, and are you interested in one, or will you pursue bigger fish?

MS: Man!…you got a better chance at seeing a pig fly before seeing Main Events put that kid in the ring with me again. And personally I’m looking for much bigger fish to fry. Glazkov is old news and I wish him luck.

If it happens, do you see a rematch going down pretty much the same way as the first fight, with you controlling the action?

MS: I have never been the one to predict knockouts or rounds or any of those things but I promise you and all my fans as well as Glazkov fans that if we ever fought again I would stop him inside the distance…he would not go 7 rounds with me.

Aside from a rematch with Glazkov, who else is on your radar?

MS: Vitali Klitscko…I heard he is looking for an opponent. He shall not have to look any further because Malik “King” Scott is the best skilled heavyweight on the planet bar none and I believe Vitali’s time is up and I have no problem putting him out his misery.

I know one of your goals with the Glazkov fight was to establish yourself as one of, if not the best American heavyweight contender. Do you think you accomplished your goal and set yourself apart from the others?

MS: Well like I said before I just have always believed and still do believe that I’m the best skilled heavyweight on the planet. That fight against Glazkov was 40% of Malik Scott. I have so much more that people haven’t even seen yet…but to answer your question I already set myself apart because my skills are second to none.

There has been a lot of controversy over some recent decisions on the NBC cards lately, especially from the decision in your fight with Glazkov and Steve Cunningham’s loss to Tomasz Adamek. What do chalk this up to?

MS: Honestly bro…I’m not really good at complaining. Like i said before, the judges see it the way they see it and that’s that. I’m happy to be back healthy, injury free and back in action. God is great and the controversial result that came from my fight has been a bunch of blessings in disguise and a part of the great story about Malik “King” Scott.

Ok Malik, love your attitude about this whole thing. How about that shout you gave Ms. Kimora Lee Simmons, that kind of topped the night off with more added on entertainment [laughs]?

MS: [laughs] Ah you like that huh bro? Yeah man, love is love and Kimora Lee Simmons is a great woman as well as great role model for human beings in general…House of Fab baby! [laughs]

Thanks for your time Malik. Any final thoughts for the readers? Perhaps a message to your fellow heavyweights?

MS: Oh fo sho man…love is love…and I appreciate all fans, critics, and naysayers because not only do you guys keep the sport alive you also keep pugilists like myself always motivated. Thank you all for keeping me relevant and please believe me when I tell you my best has yet to come…BLESS!
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