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Gabriel Orama

Gennady Golovkin: The Boxing Monster

I think most may recall the story of how Marvel character Wolverine was created, at least in the movies. He was part of a scientific experiment in which liquid metal was injected to his bones. That created the frightening super hero we all love. I suggest we could come up with a similar comic book style origin story about middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin.

The boxer from Kazakhstan caught the eyes of most fans in the United States when he first appeared on HBO against formidable opponent Gregorz Proksa in 2012. Proksa, like 20 others to that date, was defeated before the final bell. His last opponent to have gone to distance(8 rounds) was Amar Amari in 2008. After that the champion has stopped every one of his last 17 opponents.

The power that this man carries is almost unimaginable. Continue reading

Danny Garcia needs to make a statement against Rod Salka

It was not long ago when I started hearing about an up-and-coming 140-pound boxer from Philadelphia named Danny “Swift” García. I first saw him against veteran Kendall Holt in a PPV undercard I can’t remember. That day I thought he was not the most gifted boxer but he had the right attitude, a winning attitude.< !- In his next outing he defeated Erik Morales for the WBC crown. That night he dropped the Mexican veteran and beat him pretty comfortably. Again; he didn't look like the best boxer out there but had the right attitude. After fighting and destroying Amir Khan on short notice I started trusting Danny. After Khan he met Erik Morales for a second time and retired him in 4 rounds and beat Zab Judah by clear decision. Continue reading

Let’s give Jesús the Space He’s Earned

Not all boxers who win world titles are born stars. Those are just a handful compared to the number of athletes that try their luck in this sport since it’s begginings. Not every fighter is Oscar De La Hoya or Sugar Ray Leonard. Some make it the hard way, the FIGHTER’S WAY. This is the case of Jesús Rojas.

The boxer from Caguas, Puerto Rico had a good amateur run and began his professional phase with a significant streak of wins, most coming by knockout. His style is as aggressive as possible from the first bell. If you follow network boxing you must know middleweight titlist Gennady Golovkin. Jesús is a 122-pound Golovkin. He throws long hard punches to the body and head without going crazy.

Just when it looked like big fights were coming, the young puertorican had a couple of situations out of the ring that led to his first loss. He won his next 5 fights and got a draw after that. Those factors made mexican superstar Jorge Arce sign to fight Jesús in las Vegas in 2012. Continue reading