Bernd Boente Says Vitali-Haye “Will Probably Be In England, On Pay-Per-View, Possibly In March”

By James Slater: Vitali Klitschko Vs. David Haye in March of 2013, in England? This is the scenario Klitschko advisor Bernd Boente has gone on record as saying he can envisage – if Vitali can get past Manuel Charr in September and then has the urge to have “one last fight” before disappearing into a life of politics in his native Ukraine.

Boente, as quoted by The Mirror, said the following:

“Vitali meets Manuel Charr in September and then goes on the political trail. He has to win his fight and then see the outcome of the elections. Then Vitali must decide what to do if he is not elected into a certain position. There is still a chance the fight (with Haye) will come, but not this year. It will probably be in England on pay-per-view next year, possibly in March.”

Boente went on to add how he “will not rule out anything,” including a return between Wladimir and Haye, and that the chances of the Vitali fight happening are largely down to Haye.

“I have learnt from past dealings that you can’t rely on anything he says or does,” Boente said of Haye. “He is like a fish in water – you can’t catch him. It’s all in Haye’s hands. Whatever he wants, he just needs to approach us.”

Haye certainly sounds as though he wants the fight with Vitali. Just last week, on Sky’s excellent Ringside show, Haye jokingly said he is urging all Ukrainians not to vote for Vitali, so that he will fail in politics and stick around in boxing for a while longer. Then, with a stern face, Haye said he believes he can knock Vitali out.

The Charr fight, without being disrespectful, looks like a gimme for “Dr. Iron Fist,” so the real issue will be whether or not the 41-year-old WBC heavyweight king chooses to have another fight after September. As fans know, Vitali has a very real desire to fight Haye so he can KO him. Angered at the way Haye taunted he and his brother (who was unable to KO Haye last year), Vitali may not be able to walk away without having first removed this thorn from his side.

Both men seem to want the fight (maybe even crave the fight) and a date and venue have been discussed. It should be simple. But in boxing, it seldom is simple. But this match-up, one of, if not the best that can be made at the top level of the heavyweight division today, would be a massive event, and a very real grudge-match to boot.

Only the Ukrainian voters, Manuel Charr and Haye’s alleged unreliability stand in the way of a genuine heavyweight blockbuster.

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