Brook-Jones: Sav’s View-Kell Brook Britain’s Next Boxing Superstar?


By Jamie Savin: On July 7th Kell Brook steps into the ring with his toughest opponent to date the always dangerous and often avoided Carson Jones in an IBF Welterweight Title Eliminator. Jones has won his last 8 fights all by knockout and is riding a wave of confidence believing Brook will be victim number 9. Jones is a chance for Brook to showcase all his skills as a very intelligent counter puncher and showcase why his ranked as number 4 by The Ring.

Brook if he wins impressively could propel himself onto the names of many American journalists and boxing pundits who so far have heard of Brook but like with many British prospects doubt him a little bit. Brook possesses a ring savvy beyond his years which have made some of his previous fights look far easier than they should have been. In Brook’s last fight with Matthew Hatton he boxed beautifully and arguably did a better job than Alvarez, but what makes Brook a special talent who could potentially rule the talent filled 147lb division once Mayweather and Pacquiao retire?

The boxing brain is one that cannot be taught, you cannot show a fighter how to take apart an opponent you cannot show them how to move in and out of range on pure reflexes. Brooks seems to have that knack but even when he gets caught which all fighters do he has shown a good chin and the ability to react in the correct way. Kell doesn’t let the big shots change how he fights he takes a mental note of the punch he took and carries on with his game plan. A boxers ability to box to a game plan can sometimes be the difference between victory and defeat, obviously Mayweather is the best at this and it is clear to see Brook has been watching Mayweather and whilst not trying to box like him has learnt that it is all about hard-work and dedication. Of course Brook will need to go through true adversity once in a fight where he will have to bite down on the gum shield and survive like so many fighters have done.

We’ve all heard the phrase skills pay the bills well as a boxer there doesn’t seem to be an area which Brook is lacking, his hand speed is deceptively quick, his footwork is of a very high standard look at how and where he throws his punches very rarely is Brook off balance throwing a punch or taking a punch. Many will argue that there are no names on his record, has been protected etc… but how many top class fighters have jumped straight into the deep end? Brook has been brought along very nicely by Eddie Hearn who has raised Brook’s profile in the United Kingdom giving him the right fight at the right time which is what a promoter should do. Brook is nicely positioned in the top 10 of every ranking organisation for a reason, he is one of the best in the world. The power in his punches is most definitely there and let’s not forget knockouts at world level are less common because fighters can go into a shell and retreat after being caught with a few good shots.

Looking at the top 140-147lb fighters outside of Mayweather and Pacquiao, there is one natural rival with whom a massive stadium fight in the United Kingdom could be made in Amir Khan. Brook and Khan have both been very vocal about each other in the past and whilst Brook has made it clear he believes he will beat Khan by knockout and Khan’s responses have been less respectful perhaps more out of fear than anything else. A Khan fight for Brook could open massive doors for him with Golden Boy Promotions and make Brook a star on both sides of the Atlantic. Would also make fights with people such as Alexander, Ortiz, and any other big names easier to make. Kell Brook must beat Carson Jones in a way which takes people stand up and take notice though, the young man has all the tools to do the job though.

Outside of the ring many people speak well of Kell Brook and I can understand why, after meeting him at the Froch v Bute fight where he jumped the queue for the toilets but was great with the fans having his photo taken with many. What was also impressive was his willingness to engage with the fans and we spoke briefly about the Jones fight and he looked me dead in the eye spoke in a pleasant tone and was polite showing a true affable nature. In the Jones fight I expect Brook to put on a show and send a message to the rest of the weight class which may make him avoided by some but that is boxing politics for you. I would love to hear your thoughts on Kell Brook and where he sits in the Welterweight world so If you want to contact me its I look forward to your views.