Heavyweight Legend Evander Holyfield Says He’ll Retire This Year If He Doesn’t Get A Championship Fight


By James Slater: Evander Holyfield turns 50 this coming October, yet he says the only way he will retire is if he is not given a world championship fight this year. Still hoping to become a five-time heavyweight ruler, the greatest cruiserweight in history is hoping one of the Klitschkos will throw him a bone, or failing that, a fight with “regular” WBA heavyweight titlist Alexander Povetkin will materialize. In truth, neither scenario looks too likely.

So, if no title shot comes for the “Real Deal,” who last fought in May of 2011, when he scored a late-rounds TKO over Brian Nielsen in Denmark, his Hall of Fame career could come to its overdue conclusion quite soon.

Holyfield told The Post:

“If they don’t fight me this year, I’m going to retire,” Evander said when speaking about the current heavyweight rulers. “If it’s not a championship fight, what’s the point? It’s not so much about the money. If it’s not for a championship, there’s no sense in me fighting. If there’s no gold out there, you’re putting yourself into a position to be complacent.”

To the majority of his millions of fans, the sight of Holyfield announcing his retirement, and his making it stick, would come as a welome event. For years now, with his diminished skills, Evander has been struggling with guys he would have had no problem with in his prime. As a result of his being unable to call it quits, the losses began to pile up, spoiling Holyfield’s great legacy. If the all time great who holds wins over Tyson, Bowe, Douglas, Foreman, Holmes, Mercer and so many others does walk away now, he will be more than able to do so with his head held high.

Evander has broken enough records and he has made enough boxing history. Never in a number of years has that rocking chair looked so close.