Arthur Abraham: “It’s impossible for me to make 160, so that’s why my focus is now at super middleweight”


by Geoffrey Ciani (Exclusive Interview by Jenna J & Geoffrey Ciani) – This week’s edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with former IBF middleweight world champion Arthur Abraham (33-3, 27 KOs) who faces Piotr Wilczewski (30-2, 10 KOs) today in Germany. Abraham spoke about his fight and also touched on his future plans. Additionally he provided some opinions regarding the current boxing landscape, including the rematch between Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson, the upcoming fight between Lucian Bute and Carl Froch, Mikkel Kessler’s move to light heavyweight, and more! Here is what Abraham had to say:

Regarding his upcoming fight against Piotr Wilczewski:

“Well it’s going to be a tough fight. My opponent is a former European champion, but we’ve trained very hard, and we’re very optimistic, and we expect to win.”

His views on what a victory against Wilczewski will do for him at this stage in his career:

“Well it’s my goal to be world champion again by the end of the year. That is the plan and that’s why I’m boxing on Saturday, because it’s part of my plan to be world champion again by the end of the year.”

Regarding whether he is hoping to win a title in the 160 or 168 pound weight class:

“We made the decision that I’d stay at super middleweight and I will not fight at middleweight again.”

On how he has been able to cope with overcoming struggles he has had since his victory over Jermain Taylor:

“Well it was a big experience from me and I have learned my lesson from it, and the future I shall do something better.”

His views on what went wrong in his fights with Andre Ward, Carl Froch, and Andre Dirrell:

“I made tactical mistakes.”

On how he believes he can correct those tactical mistakes going forward:

“I can do it with my training, with my diligence, and together with my coach.”

His views on what is most important for him to be successful against Wilczewski:

“Well the most important thing is winning, and there is nothing that is more important than that. So winning is actually the key.”

His views on middleweight champion Sergio Martinez and his recent victory over Matthew Macklin:

“Yeah I saw the fight, and he’s a very strong and very good fighter. Of course I follow all the things at middleweight, but not as closely anymore because I cannot make the weight. It’s impossible for me to make 160, so that’s why my focus is now at super middleweight.”

Regarding whether he would still have any interest in facing Kelly Pavlik if the opportunity arose:

“Yes, if there is a good offer why not? I don’t have a problem with that fight.”

His views on whether Andre Ward or Lucian Bute is currently the best in the super middleweight division:

“Andre Ward.”

On whether he believes Bute belongs in the conversation regarding the best super middleweight in the world:

“Yes 100% he’s also a part of this discussion.”

His views on how the upcoming fight between Bute and Carl Froch will unfold:

“Bute will win.”

On how many fights he sees himself being away from another title shot:

“One or two fights.”

His views on whether Mikkel Kessler can be successful in the 175 pound weight class:

“Yeah! Why not? He’s very experienced and he’s proven with his past fights that he’s a great boxer. So I think he can be very successful at light heavyweight as well.”

His views on the upcoming rematch between Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson:

“I like Hopkins a lot. For me he’s one of the best boxers and one of the most clever boxers out there. So I really like him and I think he will win.”

His official prediction for his fight against Piotr Wilczewski:

“A victory, that’s all I can promise. That’s all.”


For those interested in listening to the Arthur Abraham interview in its entirety, it begins approximately one hour and forty-three minutes into the program.



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