Freddie Roach is pulling our leg


Freddie RoachBy Paul Strauss: Chances are Freddie was engaging in a bit of waggery when he recently shared his opinion that Sergio Gabriel “Maravilla” Martinez has been exposed. No, not that kind of exposure you ninny! Freddie would like us to believe he’s serious. Remember, this is coming from the guy chosen several times as trainer of the year. Or, could it be that Little Freddie is just being mischievous and yet fulfilling a personal agenda? Is he that clever? Might he be using a little guile to slip a sinister piffle passed us?.

Wait a minute now. Maybe Little Freddie does have a touch of the scallywag in him. Oh sure, over the years he’s demonstrated the argus eye. In other words, he’s been a careful observer, attentive, and vigilant to patterns, patterns that can be exploited. But, on the other hand, he usually isn’t a faultfinding person.

Why then the prognostigation about Martinez? Did something happen recently that would realistically bode ill for Martinez? Does Maravilla know that he has been exposed? Suffering Succotash, what’s he going to do now that he’s kind of been caught with his pants down (expesed)? What about all those experts who think Sergio is still a top P4P guy? Have they been bamboozled or deceived? Did they miss the singular act or incident that lead to this exposure? Martinez certainly hasn’t missed much with his recent kayo victories..

Well, according to Little Freddie, if they were watching Sergio’s most recent fight with Matthew Macklin, they too should have seen the flaw (Oops, I mean pattern). Little Freddie, acting the rapscallion, is trying to pull off a little scatology by saying signs in the fight portend victory for his own fighter Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. (JCC, Jr.). Okay, now we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty. This is where the bumfuzzle comes in. fans. Little Freddie is attempting to make us believe that his observation is nascent, something that just recently came into existence, like a budding inchoate. The truth is that’s flapdoodle!

To believe Little Freddie means to agree that he has discovered a weakness in Sergio’s arsenal. Little Freddie claims he has. Freddie feels JCC, Jr. is too strong for Sergio Gabriel Martinez. Oh really? That doesn’t even jive with what Little Freddie has always preached. To paraphrase, Freddie said ….muscles and being a tough guy doesn’t win fights……! Now Freddie wants us to believe his new revelation trumps the old wisdom. This he is basing on the Macklin fight.. Freddie apparently would like us to believe that since Martinez didn’t destroy Macklin earlier in the fight that that somehow means he’s vulnerable? Can you say, “Crapulous!”

Little Freddie doesn’t even believe that. Usually Freddie’s opinion is something fans can rely on. Oh sure, he might be off with some of his predictions, but who isn’t? For the most part, Freddie doesn’t try to b.s. the boxing public, and his opinion means something, and justifiably so. But, this time, Little Freddie wants us to believe what is no more than a bedtime story. He’s trying to trick and bamboozle fans into believing JCC,Jr. can beat Sergio.

The truth is with Little Freddie’s attempt is nothing more than prestidigitation or misdirection. The facts are few and the mendacities are many. His attempt to divert our attention can’t conceal the fact that JCC, Jr. isn’t fast enough, and doesn’t hit hard enough to give Martinez any serious trouble. Freddie knows this and he’s truly using a little taradiddle to build the “181 lb Hype”. Little Freddie most certainly knows that JCC, Jr’s only chance at getting close to Sergio is when they touch gloves to start the one-sided affair. Sergio will make a monkey out of Chavez.

Here’s more sad truth. There’s a good chance JCC, Jr. wouldn’t be able to handle Macklin either, and there’s a very good chance Saul “Canelo” Alvarez would get the better of him as well. In fact, there’s a good chance Alvarez would stop him, even though he’s the smaller man. Remember what Whitey Bimstein once said, “Show me an undefeated fighter, and I’ll show you a guy who’s never fought anyone.” So even though I’m firmly on the fence about this, it’s a good bet Freddie’s fairy tale machination isn’t going to fly!