Mayweather Jr. Admits to Fear of Losing?

By Vitali Shaposhnikov: “If I don’t ask for a larger share, and then what if I lose? He’s fine because he’s a congressman, but I’m just a boxer,” said Floyd Mayweather Jr. according to Manny Pacquiao, during Manny’s interview with ANC’s HeadStart. (

While in general, it’s hard to distinguish a truth from a lie when it comes to boxers criticizing each other in an attempt to shift blame, I think that in this case, Manny misunderstood, mixed something up, or is simply making up information to point more fingers at Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This, to me, is as ridiculous of a story as Floyd saying, without any hard evidence, that Pacquiao was using performance enhancing drugs. I am sorry, but I just cannot see the cocky and overly confident Mayweather Jr. saying anything like that to anybody.

First of all, I doubt that anybody reading this article would label Mayweather Jr. as “just a boxer,” including Floyd himself. We all know that at this very moment, he is an unbeaten dominant champion, just like Manny Pacquiao, and nothing less.

Questioning his chances of winning also doesn’t sound like Mayweather Jr. He has never, throughout his entire career, shown any lack of confidence against any opponent. Voicing any fear, now, would be an image suicide.

The whole circus of events encircling these two and their long awaited, much anticipated bout is becoming not only repetitive, but most importantly boring. Boring things lose momentum, they lose value, and thus effort to make it a reality depletes. Their prospective of fighting each other, despite still being a blockbuster of hope and excitement, is getting boring.

“Even if he has a bigger guaranteed purse than me, that’s fine. There’s no problem as long as we have a 50-50 split on the pay-per-view revenues,” concluded Pacquiao.

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Boxing News Mayweather Jr. Admits to Fear of Losing?