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We are presenting the interview with one of the best polish heavyweight contenders – Mariusz Wach (26-0, 14 KO). 32 – years old named ‘Viking’ talking about his preparations for the fight which will happen on 24th March, and a bit about Global Boxing Gym guvnor – Mariusz Kołodziej and his situation.

Bartosz Biszczanik: Good day, how are your preparations?

Mariusz Wach. Hello. Everything is going fine. There is a week to the fight. At this moment we’ve got sparring sessions. No injuries at all.

BB: Who is your sparring partner?

MW: I don’t exactly remember their names. One of them was orthodox fighter, one of them was southpaw. Other southpaw will arrive soon.

BB: Give us your thoughts about sessions.

MW: I got tough sparrings, but i am doing well.

BB: What will be your weight on the fight?

MW: Around 248 lbs.

BB: Are you stressed? There isn’t much time left to the fight.

MW: To be honest, I’m not that kind of person who’s stressing out two weeks before the event. If you’d ask me like few days before the fight, answer would be ‘yes’. But it is a positive “stress”.

BB: Could you tell us something about your gameplan?

MW: My gameplan will be simple. I don’t want to get hit in very first round by left hook. I think I am in better condition than him. If I won’t knock him out, I will win on every judge scorecard for sure.

BB: Do you think polish spectators will choose your event instead of Tomasz Adamek? His fight is also at 24th of march.

MW: You know, Tomasz Adamek is very good and exciting fighter. He’s got more fans in Poland than me. For sure they gonna watch him, but some of them will choose my event.

BB: I heard your event will start earlier that usual.

MW: That is true. First fight will be at 4 p.m, 10 p.m. in Poland. I will step into the ring probably at midnight in Poland, it is 6 p.m. in USA.

BB: What are your predictions for other polish boxers fights?

MW: They are all very good and perspective fighters. Heavyweight – Artur Szpilka was training really hard to this fight. As he said, last fight wasn’t really good for him. But I’m sure in the upcoming one we’ll see other Artur. Przemek Majewski after his last loss by KO want to show everyone that he is not over yet. Kamil Łaszczyk – young fighter, again got chance to show himself on big event with many spectators. I’d like all Polish fighters to win, but it will be hard.

BB: Could you say something about your promotor – Mariusz Kołodziej and his situation. Why he has a break from his promotion work?

MW: I talked with Mariusz, but I don’t want to talk about this. It’s his personal thing and should be better if you call him personally. I know only that Global Boxing Gym is still working, we still train, fight and we will making another events. Mariusz has a break for six months, but he has a assistants, who help him and take for them work of Global Boxing. At this time should be nothing wrong.

BB: Do you want say something else for polish fans and readers?

MW: I would like to greet all readers and I would like to encourage all polish fans to watch my fight and fight Tomasz Adamek also.

BB: Tell me, what I should to wish you before the fight.

MW: Breaking of the hands (laugh).

BB: (laugh) I wish all the best in the fight, thanks for an interview.

MW: Thank you.

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