Andre Dirrell Completes the Opening Week of Training Camp in Big Bear, Looking for Madden 2010 Opponents

BIG BEAR, CALIF. – Super middleweight Andre Dirrell (Flint, Mich.) has officially settled in to his temporary home in Big Bear, Calif., to prepare for his first world title fight and the beginning of Showtime’s Super Six World Boxing Classic. Dirrell will take on WBC Super Middleweight Champion Carl Froch on October 17 in Nottingham, England in his 19th professional fight.

With one week of training under his belt, Dirrell is pleased with his progress. “The opening week is the toughest week of training camp,” Dirrell said. “In the first couple of weeks, I’m always the most sore. We are doing a lot of new things and I’m working a lot of different muscles. So it’s been the hardest week, but I’m feeling good..”

The solace of Big Bear has given Dirrell and his team the opportunity to focus on Froch, and the 25-year-old is prepared for his biggest challenge to date. “Carl Froch is always on my mind, that’s why I’m here,” he said. “I feel like I have the best abilities, but I know he’s coming, so I will be ready.”

He is pleased with his choice of locales for the Froch training camp and has counted on those closest to him as he prepares for October 17. “Big Bear has been better than I thought. A lot of people told me that it’s really boring, but I’ve been here with my family, and they have been keeping me company,” Dirrell said.

In addition to his family, Dirrell has been joined by a strength and conditioning coach/ nutritionist, to assist in preparations for the Froch fight. His younger brother, Anthony, and grandfather and long-time trainer, Leon “Bumper” Lawson, will join the team in Big Bear next week.

Outside the boxing gym, Dirrell has been relaxing with one of his favorite pastimes – video games, and he is putting out the call for all of his fellow gamers to join him. “When I’m not training, I’ve been playing Madden 2010, and I want to tell everyone, that if you want to take me on in Madden, you can find me at Matrix83. I’m taking all-comers.”

Dirrell and Froch will face off for the WBC title on October 17 at the Trent FM Arena in Froch’s hometown of Nottingham, England. The bout is one of the opening fights of Showtime’s Super Six World Boxing Classic and will be shown live on Showtime.

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Boxing News Andre Dirrell Completes the Opening Week of Training Camp in Big Bear, Looking for Madden 2010 Opponents